Ballsed up royally Drink driving case.

Hi all have been a lurker on here for a few years and have not felt the need to sign up however.

Last year I screwed up big time and was done for DD, although there were extenuating circumstances I plead guilty and was given a years ban and a fine. Obviously i notified my management ASAP and started the military discipline ball rolling. After spending the last year regretting that one night, now actually back driving (military and civvy vehicles) and now with the possibility of being made redundant I have still not been 'done' by the Army.

After sifting through page after page of JSP 830 and checking the agai 67 i am well aware of what they can do and am also aware of what my OC has recommended. I am none the wiser as to the time frame they have. Now as far as i am concerned it is taking the piss and i have been worrying about the outcome for almost a year, at no point have i tried to slow things down although the 'paperwork' has had to be rewritten a couple of times.

I had no intention of getting legal assistance but now i have changed my mind and would like an outsiders assistance on where to start rather than going though my CoC or admin office.

Any useful (no offense intended) help greatly appreciated as if you have been in the situation you'll appreciate how distressing the time was.

Thanks in Advance

Edit: should have mentioned that i'd (against the majority) like to stay in, and also have only on minor agai 67 from over 5 years ago for not signing a g/f onto camp when using the swimming pool.
Well, if you are definitely going to be made redundant, drag out the proceedings until it's too late. They cant do you for anything after you have the army and anyway you have been dealt with by a civvy court already.
1. Youre a dick.
2. See about legal aid and get a civvy lawyer for when the case comes up/advice on how to proceed.
3. Try not to do anything until after June 17. Then youll know where you stand as far as redundancy is concerned.
4. Good luck,drunky. DONT DO IT AGAIN!
Like we say here in Australia, if you drink drive you're a bloody idiot! If you make it home, you're a bloody legend!
Say **** all! I got done for it 3 weeks out of training, did a years ban, it took them 2 years! to do my paperwork. 20 years later no LS&GC

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