Yup....they're still there......and my hands are ALWAYS toastie warm.....:-D
Is shaving my balls just for the joy of having a silky smooth sack considered unmanly?
For the love of Baby Jebus, don't post photos.
It's all well and good to check the old "2 veg" (whilst not forgetting the "meat" - the old chap has feelings as well and gets upset when left out), the quandry is what / how to go about doing something when there is an irregularity found. Speaking from personal experience, the internal mental battle of "am I a gayer because I've actually asked some bloke (there were no lady doctors) to feel my balls as opposed to "this is purely for medical purposes" was almost as much of a worry as the lump in my nut.
End reuslt.. balls ok and continue to fire.


Book Reviewer
don't ask me my hands are always cold
I did not. Don't get ideas.

Cancer of the twat and cancer of the tits is a major element in birds dropping down dead. This is a waste of the limited resources here on planet earth.

So, post pics of your flange and your knockers. I shall then give you my expert diagnosis. For free.
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