Balls talking balls on National Debt

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Blogg, Jun 30, 2009.

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  1. Oh dear. Been found out, tried to bully his way out and told to fcuk off.

    "Alistair Darling in the budget set out plans which show the deficit coming down, national debt coming down."

    "Debt" per Balls is of course the "ratio of national debt to gross domestic product" which is forecast to start falling in ooohhhh, eight or nine years. Meanwhile the absolute level of debt keeps going up and up

    Nowhere left to hide, give it up now, you are only making it worse for yourself and everybody else.
  2. The state of it! The mans a jabbering buffoon!
  3. Balls..........hee hee
  4. Ah, but you must understand it is now the Labour party policy to lie, lie and lie again even to their own supporters. They have no other option because the reality is just so bad.

    "We don’t care if the commentators or the economists turn against us... This is all about shoring up the base in the northern heart-lands, which we lost in the European elections. We don’t want or need them to understand the nuance of the argument. We just want them to hate the Tories again."
  5. So its official.From the horses mouth.

    Fuckwits vote Labour.

    Christ on a bike,I am glad I am in the home counties.....

    Are people living in the 'northern heart-lands' really that bovine?That tribal?That thick?

    Cameron may think that the core tory vote is thick as mince but God damn he is not so stupid as to publically say as much.
  6. Good point about the power of bloggers. You can run but you can't hide etc. (I suppose that will be the Thought Police tracking me down now.) :cry:
  7. Does exactly what it says on the tin.
  8. I had to smole when I saw the add at the bottom of the page, "Clear your debts in just 24 hours with our government backed scheme". This government has saddled us with debts that our grandchildren will still be paying off.
  10. Cameron may think that the core tory vote is thick as mince but God damn he is not so stupid as to publically say as much.[/quote]

    Not really but the Labour party think they are.

    Not that long ago we had : [i]"British jobs for British people"[/i]

    That was almost instantly shown to be utter cobblers and unlawful. But it might have grabbed a vote or two.

    Today we have: "Local housing for local people"

    Oh look that is cobblers and unlawful as well:[/quote]

    My Bold,

    Arn't these the two slogans that got the two BNP cnuts elected?
  11. I would suggest that the BNP being voted in is atributable to many causes.

    The main one being the Labour party treating its core voter with utter contempt.
  12. Your man Balls has been desperately trying to compensate every since it became known that his middle-name's "Loada" and his Ma's maiden name was Tess Tickles.

  13. Not far off. Funny that, eh? Almost as if somebody had woken up.

    But it is all shite. There is no real money, Just more rearranging of (existing) deckchairs on the Titanic as the band plays on.

    "I am not happy at all that money will be transferred. The Decent Homes Initiative is an effort to meet the manifesto commitment of 2005 to make every council house and social house a decent house. Councils have been so squeezed financially that they are not able to complete the programme. We are cutting off our nose to spite our face."

    Austin Mitchell