balls balls balls!!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by campfollower, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. ladies gents etc etc
    the fine regt are returning soon and the rounds of parties shall begin. whilst in the Isle of Lurve a few wifey's came across and with them they brought their fine ample chests :lol: :lol: .
    enough enough what i am getting at is the dress code of said balls, who cares about length of dress we should have rules on how much of chest should be allowed out. Anything over a C cup needs to be out with teasing erect nipple begging for a suck but anything below just keep covered, spaniel ears put me off my meal.
    PS bingo wings are not a good look.
  2. Thats a fair call, though I am an equal oppotunities oggler and love all types of breasts to be on display, for purely scientific comparative reasons of course!!!!

  3. low front frocks the way forward... noted!
  4. No OB, low front frocks should be the starting point, the way forward is the removal of said item!!
  5. Ooooh.

    <settles comfortably into seat for daily lunch time mucky talking session>

  6. apologies, its on my to do list, at the next dine in, I shall stand on the head table infront of the CO and remove the offending item! :)
  7. I should think so as well, but if you want to practice technique and have constructive criticism, you know where i am!!!
  8. Definitely low-cut and made from a material that enhances nipple texture. Bingo wings unacceptable and to be covered by shoulder high NBC gauntlets, issued at the Mess door.
  9. OK so is the verdict is low cut tops whatever the occasion?

  10. Nah......just yer vest pet.
  11. can i get you a beer to make it all the more enjoyable? ;)
  12. Come on flowers, you even have to ask about low cut tops?

    Bra is size dependant, if you feel you need the scaffolding then yes as id rather look at your chest in your chest area rather than your knees, but if you don't need the support, then don't bother, and have the low cut back on the dress as i think its really sexy!!
  13. You just get better OB - you couldn't organise transport home tonight as well I suppose. :mrgreen:
  14. so the back sweeps just above the top of ones toned buttocks and the front shows enough that if you moved fast nothing would be left to the imagination, a lycra mix material to enhance nipples and no bra for maximum effect (unless req'd) think that can be arranged...
  15. sounds good, better send me a pic though, just for quality control....