Balls and Cooper to have expenses examined.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by vvaannmmaann, Mar 6, 2011.

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  1. £14k for 300 journeys. I take it the kids were travelling first class too then.

    Perhaps a better investigation might involve the fact that one of them claimed their London home as their principal residence while the other claimed the constituency home as the primary residence. This ensured that the taxpayer paid both of the family's mortgages.

    I loved this:-

    Dunno mate. Perhaps they could ask the millions of other families where both partners work and for whom first class travel on expenses for the kids isn't an option.

    One little known fact is that you are liable for UK income tax from birth if your income rises above the single person's allowance, and that includes benefits in kind like subsidised travel. As they're not MPs, the kids aren't covered by Parliamentary dispensations so I trust Mr & Mrs Balls have been submitting tax returns on their behalf and coughing up any income tax and National Insurance that's due. Wouldn't want Balls junior to to be a tax dodger like those evil capitalists at Barclays and Vodafone now, would we?
  2. With the amount of Politicians in Nick at the moment, there will probably be a review of the Prison Service to make it even more comfortable.
  3. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

    When you read the piece Dinger put in the Sunday mirror about penny pinching MOD. And the see these f@cking parasites, taking the piss big time, it really makes you think a revolution wouldn't be a bad idea
  4. Missed that! Any chance of a linky please?
  5. jim24

    jim24 Book Reviewer

  6. Be prepared to be amazed - especially at how they will eventually wriggle out of it. Slimeballs (a pun!!) don't come into it!

    Honestly, the more we see, the more our gobs are smacked. In the Armed Forces and in the Civil Service, we would have been hung, drawn and quartered for a lot less than what this lot have done. And a lot of them have STILL not got the fcuking message!!!
  7. Yes, I really would like to see Balls and Balls up in front of the Westminster Magistrates court. However, the chances of both, or one of them doing some 'porriged' is remote. The usual excuse of "I didn't fully understand", or "I made an honest mistake" will be their defence, specially if they get 'Someone' from the Law Chambers of 'M****x'..

    Labour Party Shadow Front Benches...

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  8. Next time I have the misfortune to be standing next to them at the sorry excuse for a station that is PFM, I might act on the urge to nudge them over the edge.
  9. Three hundred and seventy five journies between three kids, the smug little bastards will be dizzy with all that, never mind the culture shock of being dumped in the third world.
  10. Hah! I'd happily carry them to the nearest afore-mentioned station to nudge them over the edge.
  11. Just realised, that is around 90 fcuking journeys per year - one every 4 days and 3 times the allowance. Something fcuking wrong there!!!