balloonhead. If yo0u don't like his posts don't read them.And who gave you rthe right to say that biscuits _ab doesn't offend anyone. That doesn't mean he can't post what he wants ..........and so can balloonhead, If you don't like his posts don't read them.
biilythebooty said:
Who is this person???????
He seems to have an opinion for everything!
Some of his comments are a bit close to the bone, and being slightly dark skinned myself some of the comments are starting to take offence!!!!!!

Is he serving?? does he work??? He seens to add his opinion to threads that dont concern him!!!!!

I love Buiscuits AB he seems to be great at winding people up and nothing he says would offend anyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Being new to this, theses are only my initial thoughts!!!!!!! :D
My initial thoughts are that anyone using that many exclamation marks and question marks is a lunatic.

However, you are correct in that balloonhead29 is a obvious racist and a particularly stupid one at that.
BiilyTheBooty is a WALT from my place of work who is already an existing ARRSE member under another name, he started this thread to get a bite out of me and fair play, he did! :lol:

Thanks for the kind words too IT guy, I think I may have to rethink my career given that I'm so stooopid!:roll:
I judge people by their actions mate, if your going to post things like:

balloonhead29 said:
Fcuking Immigrant scum - When is our Government going to learn from it's mistakes and get a grip???!
Then you should really check to see if the person in question is actually a immigrant.

Also statements like:

balloonhead29 said:
Little Coloured Fella needs to shut the fcuk up!! I'd be very surprised if one of the other Bootnecks hasn't given him the good news by now!
Pimsle at the ethnic lad's face after the ...
seem to confirm your views.

I therefore feel justified in assuming that you are a racist prick

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