Ballistics of 7.62x51mm & 5.56x45mm UK NATO Ammunition

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by EagleEyes, Jun 23, 2008.

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  1. I'm looking to create a comprehensive Ballistics chart for the 7.62x51mm & 5.56x45mm UK NATO Ammunition and was wondering if anybody could help?

    I’ve looked through the Jane’s Ammunition Handbook & Infantry Weapons but information is very sketchy?

    I've created a table of information attached.

    Ammunition Type 7.62x51mm: L2A1 L2A2 L2A3 L2A4 BALL, L5A1 L5A2 L5A3 L5A4 L5A5 Tracer, L11A1 L16A1 L21A1 L37A1 ?, L38A1 L40A1 L42A1 BALL SNIPER, Black Spot, Green Spot TARGET

    Number: L2A2 Name: BALL Type: FMJ
    Projectile Dia: 7.82mm Projectile Weight: 9.33g
    Propellant: ?
    BC: ? MV: 855m/s ME: 3352J
    Usage: L96A1, L118A1

    Number: L38A1 Name: BALL Sniper Type: FMJ
    Projectile Dia: 7.82mm Projectile Weight: 9.33g
    Propellant: ?
    BC: ? MV: 840m/s ME: ?
    Usage: L96A1, L118A1

    Ammunition Type 5.56x45mm: L2A1 L2A2 L15A1 L15A2 L17A1 L17A2 BALL
    L1A1 L1A2 L16A1 TRACER

    Number: L2A1 Name: BALL Type: FMJ
    Projectile Dia: 5.69mm Projectile Weight: 4g
    Propellant: Cut Flake
    BC: ? MV: 940m/s ME: 1775J
    Usage: SA80

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  2. L37A1 7.62mm x 51 was sniper ammo made by FNM ( Fábrica Nacional de Munições de Armas Ligeiras, Portugal) and was withdrawn for being inaccurate.
  3. May be able to help you here. I have some green spot. I will rattle a few over the crono this evening and get back to you on that.

    Do you have any ballistic software? If not, PM me and I can set you in the right direction.
  4. Hi .338lapua_magnum,
    That’s great, you seem to know what I'm on about. I'm currently using Sierra Infinity V5 Ballistic Software but looking for V6 if you know where I can get a copy? I'm currently using a SAKO TRG-22 with RG ammo and need to know what the differences (BC, MV, ME) are especially between L2A2 & L5A3. I was playing on Sennybridge F Range the other day and a guy said they should be hitting the same point but I don't believe they should at 900 to 1000m. What data would you enter into your Ballistic Software? Who produces the .338 LapMag for the UK L115A1?
  5. RUAG makes the .338 lapua magnum ammo for uk
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I am more than happy with my version 5 so it will be a while before I invest in V6.
  7. My TRG gave the following results on X range.
    (Which we're not allowed to hire any more for no adequately explained reason :? )

    The furthest fig 11 is at 976 Yds (892m). (This is the one to the right of the Left hand ferret) I reckon on 11.8mils with a 168gr Sierra Match King in Lapua Brass over 42.8grs of Viht N140, cCI standard primer.
    I have a figure of 12.3 mils also recorded on my rangecard which I think will be for L2A2 7.62x51 but it might have been for some other load. (Won't put you out of the danger area in any case)

    The Right Hand ferret is at 1063 yds (972m) and I have a figure of 11.3 mils to drop Tracer through the hatch. (Until last year this was still acceptable!)

    Zero was at 120yds with the Lapua but I think these elevations will work irrespective of what you zeroed with for all practical purposes.

    The furthest fig 11 on F range is at something like 1200 yds (Not 1300m despite what I've been told by John! ;) )

    I've never been able to observe strike on this target and it's near tracer burnout range so very hard to spot. I've given up going to F range because so much of the targetry that they do put out doesn't work properly and there are nowhere near enough targets for the number of firing points.

    Do try the handload recipe above, I've found it very good. Possibly not the optimum but a good all rounder. Usual handloading caveats apply.

    For what it's worth, my TRG with that recipe groups into something like 10" quite reliably at 1000yds. It's got potential to do far better going by performance at 400-500yds. (S&B PMII 5-25x56, Sako Bipod, no rear bag or kinky tricks.)

    This online ballistic calculator is superb (and free!)

    Watch and Shoot! Watch and Shoot!
  8. Without insulting you EagleEyes, have you calibrated your scope clicks? With every scope I get I have a range set up at exactly 100m I then zero, 'shoot the box' and measure the movement of MPi in relation to clicks moved. This gives me an accurate start when using ballistic software.

    Ugly, have you tried Loadbase 2 from Patagonia ballistics? I use to use Sierra 5 but now prefer Loadbase. I feel that it gives better results at longer ranges. Also allows you to calculate BC and such like (if you have two cronos). Overall a well rounded package with good after sales support.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I find that I only use the ballistics bit for settling arguments or explaining to students the truth about point blank range. I do use the rest of the cd for load development and as my stuff is all short range its adequate for me. I rarely engage beyond 200 yards and those that I have (live targets) have fallen when hit!