Ballistics and trajectory

Anyone know a website where I can get the ballistics/trajectory for 22-250 and 243 from.
I am offshore at the moment and the company computer filters out / blocks anything to do with weapons when I try a search.
I have had a brief troll through the site, but cannot find anything.



Sierra infinity has them, I can send the charts to you but you need to select bullet wt, maker, velocity, barrel length, ht of scope above bore, temp, ht above sea level, zero distance, need I go on?
The only ones I could get to were I snipe and JBM, For the rest of them it just spat the dummy out.
What I am after is basically the drop at 100, 200, 300 400 and 500 yards for the basic remington round.
Sorry I cannot be more precise, but I cannot get hold of my oppo to get the weights etc from him.
All I can remember is the 243 has a lead tip and the 22-250 has a ballistic tip.
Can anyone help there?

Thanks guys.



Folks just to share the info I have sent in a pm to gadgy. I have played with the figures but I'm unsure as to whether I have done the sums correctly, anyone like to review these. The funny thing is that the bullet path graph and the drop value graphs show seriously different figures. I will print these, scan and post them up.
Ok for 150 grain Nato FMJ at 2740 feet per second POI at 100 yards of 5 inches or 125 mm gives a dead on zero for 302 yards so we know exactly why that works. The bullet drop at 600 yards is quite severe, 71 inches, you would be hitting the feet of a really tall Russian. That said at 400 yards its dropping 13 inches. I can set the parameters for up and down hill. That would be interesting.
Down hill same round at -80 degs (maximum the programme will do but I have shot much steeper at about 120 degs it drops of a bit slower only 12 inches drop at 600 with the zero the same.
Shooting uphill gives a bullet drop off at 600 yards of only 5 inches. So if you have the range correct and zero set then the point of impact doesnt seem to change at all at the CZP and marginally at distance which I wouldnt engage deer anyway.
Modern scopes with BDC should be able to eliminate the difference but in stalking its all about knowing the bullet path at the engagement range which seems to be important.
In fact the art of stalking is getting to a distance where a humane kill is guaranteed!

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