Ballistic propties of dogs

Heard a story you probably know it .the urban myth about the self propelled gun officers dog fired out of it .As completly ignorant of artillery
would that actually be possible ? Story says it was little jack russell have nt actually measured calibre of one :) . Any answers greatfully recived
So in theory it could be done , say no more :lol: .I know the armed forces employ people whose sense of humour lets say is slightly odd
but i just wanted to know if it was a possibility .Any way thanks for settling
a silly argument .
I heard it was in the old days when 5.5 inch was still at Larkhill for training purposes. Seems feasible if it is one of those really small yappy things.

As long as the No 1 can ensure the detachment give it a "good ram" then anything is possible.
yeah iwas told it was a small yappy thing .the sort of dog you want tokick
just to see how far the thing goes classic tale :lol: .
...then again i suppose the navy have ships-guns big enough to get rid of annoying relatives or general pests.

...failing that i'm sure they'd fit a torpedo-tube!

(just had a bit of a fall-out with my brother, that's all...i'm not ACTUALLY that harsh)


One need look any further than 45 Fd Regt in the early 80's.....It is not a myth!
Anything can be fired from a gun as long as it’s behind the shell. In my number one days I fired allsorts from a light gun, litter, frogs, mice, shit, charge thermometer. Compo tins and much more. Never fired a dog though, but heard the tail many moons ago. Good way of getting rid of the evidence when having a sly tinny.
has anyone on Arse told the story of an OCs dog and the top hatch of a supposedly empty bowser???? :D :D

When it drowned, the offending and very upset, guilty groundie took the dog away and torched it, really dig go wooooff!

The OC thought it ran away :D
I once fired a shell from my gun. Does that mean I'm in the minority on this forum?
Oh me gawd Landie. That's right up there with that picture of a lot of poo on another site. Sort of thing you need to be thinking about when you're controlling your 'urges' in the school playground,,,,
Poor Dog!!!!
God that's awful!
Once took my fathers dog for a walk whilst he was ill in hospital, it got run over and died, little yorkie called 'Lucky’
All I could thing was 'Dear God let my father die so I don't have to tell him I got his bloody dog killed'
Of course he survived....thing was he had dementia and I bought another dog to replace the other one.
Thinking he can't remember who we are, he'll never recognise the dog....old sod, I took the dog in, he looked at it and said,
'Who the hell is this? That’s not my dog! And who the hell are you!'
Parents, we get revenge in where they end up.....

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