Ballistic Para Helmets, How do i get one pronto???

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by johnyg, Jul 23, 2006.

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  1. How do i go about in gettin a gucci ballistic para lid, im the proud owner of a old type para helmet, which is fine but with helmand comin up next year id feel better knowing the helmet i was wearing was ballisticly sound. Any ideas?
  2. If you want a ballistically sound helmet then why don't you wear the MK6 or MK7 you're issued? If you joined the Paras in the first place you'd be issued a kevlar para helmet!!! :wink:
  3. I think you'll find that the Para helmets provide about as much ballistic protection as a floppy hat. Wonder why they are banned in Iraq? By the time you get out here you should be getting the new Mk6a helmet which provides about 40% better protection than the current Mk6 and is a damn sight more comfortable. Don't waste your money - wait to be issued the kit.

    At the end of the day if something happened, you'll be compensated if you were wearing issued kit, but if you were wearing privately purchased stuff you're likely to be given the big foxtrot oscar. Hence all the guys in my company are now wearing the issued sunglasses out on patrol as they provide ballistic protection to the eyes unlike the $5 Wiley X's from the bazaar...
  4. Kevlar para helmets provide enough protection. Do you really think the MOD would issue them to airborne forces if they weren't up to the job? Granted, the MK6A provides more ballistic protection but protection isn't the be all end all at the end of the day. If it was we'd all be patrolling in ATO suits! I don't know why they are banned in Iraq but they're certainly not banned in Afghanistan where there are ten times as many contacts on a daily basis at present!
  5. Just veering off topic slightly

    Has anybody actually got any real examples of someone having an injury claim thrown out due to not wearing issue kit or is this just the standard BS line tossed out to counter individual kit purchases/upgrades, (and I do mean upgrades, there is civvy kit better than issue kit out there)

    Answers on a postcard
  6. There was a directive on Telic 7 stating that para helmets were NOT to be worn on patrol and the 'standard' helmet was issued. Come to think of it when was the last time the Para's parachuted into Iraq? Is it likely they will whilst they were/are there - NO. So why wear a jump lid?
  7. Quite a few directives issued by those above make little sense to the man on the ground. Para Helmets are not worn just for parachuting either. They are issued to us and they are lighter and much more comfortable then the MK6 and do provide ballistic protection; that's why we wear them! Considering we've spearheaded nearly every operation since the Falklands conflict wearing para helmets they can't be that bad! Why does it bother you anyway?
  8. I had one, Kevlar but it had the old WW2 type Chinstraps that were adjusted by unscrewing bolts
  9. Hats like a bit of uniformity Fallschirmjager

    And they have feck all else to think about, please see Bagpipe HSE nonsense thread
  10. Or just get an IDF Infantry Helmet, Exactly same as British one but with US type 'Headband' Liner


  11. Do you really think the MOD would issue them to airborne forces if they weren't up to the job?[/quote] G

    You been out in the sun too long if you belive that ? :D
    What ever the truth about its abilities a lot of people have seen documents saying you cant wear para helmets .So join the paras or wear whats issused .
  12. What documents, what people and exactly who can't wear them???? :roll:

    I am in the Parachute Regiment so i do wear what is issued, that being a Para helmet!!! :wink:
  13. Fallschirmjager,

    There are plenty of documents that I saw on Telic 7, 2 PARA had to switch but after much gripeing switch they did, the increased protection offered by the Mk6A was deemed necessary whilst on mobile patrol. I can understand the increased reluctance to bin the PARA helmet on Herrick due to the more foot based light/medium weapon system contacts but it's only a matter of time before the MOD get rolling and put a complete ban in place.
    I guess you will be able to keep your P Helmet for jumps, because they will only ever be in peacetime training never Ops.