Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by OKCHU, Sep 13, 2010.

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  1. A large woman, wearing a sleeveless sun dress, walked into a bar in Newcastle.

    She raised her right arm, revealing a huge hairy armpit, as she
    pointed to all the people sitting at the bar and asked, "What blurk heor will buy a lady a drink?"

    The bar went silent as the patrons tried to ignore her but down at
    the end of the bar, an owl-eyed drunk slammed his hand on the counter and bellowed, "Give the ballerina a drink."

    The barman poured the drink and the woman chugged it down. She turned to the patrons and again pointed around at all of them, revealing the same hairy armpit and asked, "What blurk heor will buy a lady a drink?"

    Once again, the same little drunk slammed his money down on the bar and said, "Give the ballerina anuthor drink."

    The barman approached the little drunk and said, "Tell wor Geordie, it's yor business if yee want tuh buy the lady a drink, but why d'ya keep caalin hor a ballerina?"

    The drunk replied, "Any bord whe gan croggy hor liggie that high, hez got to be a ballerina!"