Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by antphilip, Mar 14, 2006.

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  1. Hello,

    I've luckily, using word loosely, been put in charge of organising a non-military ball for 200-300 people. However, knowing that there are a good number run every year in the military, I was hoping that there would be some good cost effective advice/suggestions from those of you out there with experiance in this area.

    All help appreciated as always,

  2. Fancy-dress with a dental floss theme for the women :D
  3. Casino theme always goes down well with tables and wheels to play at.
    We hired a comapny that even produced customised money with prizes for the high earners.
    Have it seperate to any disco type entertainment though and don't run it all night.
    A money tree and or raffle always easy to organise and releaves people of more of their hard earned.
    String quartet for during the dining session.
    Free drinks at the reception, money behind the bar or free table wine always get teh party going with a swing etc.
    After dinner speakers get the right one can be humourous
    Table entertainers or magician take your pick.
    Outdoor fairground attractions, lazer clay shooting etc

    Try surfing the web there are plenty of ideas out there budget pending

    Good luck mate - you are going to need it for 300 attendees! (oh and don;t do it all on your own two heads are better than one!)
  4. Thank you for the great ideas all very much appreciated. I'm sure there must be plenty of people left who have experiance in these areas...
  5. At one of my last units they brought in a fun fair for the evening, that was quality.

    A band and disco always goes down well especially if you theme the evening Blues Brothers etc

    A free raffle always goes down well coupled with a money tree as previously mentioned.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Are we invited?
  7. If you know one of the original group of invitees yes.
  8. Assuming you already have a venue, is it easily accessible? Transport? What about parking? Door Security? Bar licence? Music licence? Bar staff and waiters. Payments. How do people get home afterwards? Local taxi firm? Buses? I know, this is all really boring stuff, but it is also very important to make it a success.
  9. I love balls.
  10. Crusader, all valid points but these have been covered through the nature of the beast luckily. The security are big and scary and 'ull locals. No problems there :D the licences etc are sorted as is the staffing. Very good thoughts all though.
  11. I bet you do..... :wink: