Ball Shaving ??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Spank-it, Aug 27, 2013.

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  1. Nah, I'm not really thinking of shaving my wrinkly bag, been there done that many years ago, seemed OK at the time but three days in I was itching and scratching my jacket potatoes in public. Not a pretty sight. Also, I don't think I could trust the wife to do a proper job..... these days she would be more likely to slash off the love stick.....badly......and not even give me the courtesy of laughing or a false pretense of it being an accident.

    No, I only put the ' ball shaving' header to attract your attention, this question is more basic, as in: Gone are the bum fluff days when I could get away with not shaving for a few days and STILL get away with a morning parade inspection. Leaving a breast pocket button open was not a tactical eye deflection option either as some 'mates' suggested. "ok, I'll get right on that". Tossers.

    I'm fed up with my leccy razor. I have just used it on my two day old stubble and to be honest I am not happy with the results. My grinner feels like 60 grit sandpaper, it's a new razor too. Well it was a few chrimbo's ago.

    So do I buy a new, NEW electric razor or go for the messier slower wet shaver ? and before anyone else says it...... maybe I will consider a 'cutthroat' job............on you lot.

    What is the preference for NAAFI Arrsers ? Make, model, 2 blade or 5 blade or maybe a Bic...??

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  2. I get the three blade disposable jobs from Morrisons which work fine.

    Disclaimer - they've been nowhere near my lovenuts.
  3. I remember being groomed by Jarrod via pm, I do shave my plums, and hairy areas, keeps things cool n comfy

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  4. Go for the 'fusion'and a bt of foam! I have no experience in deforesting the love spuds.
  5. I had mine shaved for a film once.
  6. Get an old fashioned double edge with some good blades a brush and soap. Much better than the expensive Gillette wondrously expensive shit and much cheaper in the long run.
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  7. Single bladed safety razor are for champions. Blades last MONTHS, do not clog-up when shaving three day old long stubble, helps keep skin clear of zits, prevent in-growing hairs. Also you can remove the blade and cut your missus' tits a bit.

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  8. The body worlds exhibition had at least one shaven bull. It was dead however. Trying to shave a live one might be more interesting.

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  9. And what kind of 'film' was that then? Pray tell ...
  10. Medical teaching aid?
  11. The missus once said, "You keep asking me.... you wouldn't do it"

    So one night..DA, DAAAAAA..... "The Last Chicken in the Shop."

    The kindest way is use the sideboard trimmer of an electric razor on the undergrowth, then the shaver down to the wood.

    She claimed it looked silly, but I reckon she gave the handsome brute a little more attention when he looked like Telly Savalas in a pink polo- neck..........
  12. This is the gayest thread yet on here! I suggest, if you feel the need, you use one of these....

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  13. Preferably on his wrists. Anyone who'd consider any of Gillette's offerings post 1970 clearly should be quietly euthanased before they become a danger to children.

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  14. All I can say is that Ron Jeremy would not stay in the same room as me whilst we were filming.