Ball gowns

A bit serious for me , but had to post it -

If your wife/partner is looking for a dress/ball gown for a mess function/dinner night have a look at this site -


Or better still, visit one of their shops. We went to the Southampton one.
There's nothing in it for me honest!! My wife bought a dress from their Salisbury shop about 6 months ago. A certain dry cleaner melted some of the decorations on the dress, and we only noticed the other day. The dry cleaner was quite dismissive and unhelpful, but when we spoke to Tiffany's, they couldn't have been better!! They quickly invited my wife to their Southampton shop and offered her a brand new replacement dress for the same amount we paid for the damaged one! Good customer service is getting rarer these days, but the staff in this case were fantastic. :clap:
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