Balkans Video or Still Images

Grateful if anyone could supply me with video footage or still images from Bosnia, Kosovo, Serbia during the earlier part of the conflict early 90s.

Needed for a presentation next weekend. Anyone who can help please pm me.

PTP, if you think this would get wider exposure in one of the other forums please feel free to copy or move.
On Ebay there is an American goes by the name of 'Blackswans' (these were a BIH Army Elite Unit made up of excellent snipers etc.) he is the only one I know of who is actively selling footage taken by the soldiers themselves, he may be able to send you some clips to download if you ask him. Just do a search for Bosnia and you should find his dvd he is selling.

Hope it helps.

ive seen a few mucky videos from the Balkens mate , got passed them from a mate in the paras , dogs with women and all sorts of stuff! wasnt my cuppa tea so i gave them away .

What sort of presentation you doin mate
^an all military forum with a number of guest speakers and a lot of syndicate work. I believe the plan is to pose a real life scenario, ask the syndicates what they would have done and let the guest speaker finish by telling them what he did.

Sorry to be so cryptic but a number of arrse regulars will be at the event and I don't want to give too much away.

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