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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by frenchie, Dec 11, 2005.

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  1. I heard that out of the applicants that turned up(Op Oculus) only a few were selected because most people didn't pass BPFA,WHT ect.
    Has it always been so stringent or is this an indication of things to come next year?Duty rumour is vacancies will be filled by regs.
  2. Heavens to Betsy! You mean that people are being turned away because they cannot achieve the most basic standards required? Yes, that is stringent, usually anyone that stumbles in off the street with an X chromosome and a pulse gets bundled off on ops.

    But perhaps your duty rumour is right - it makes perfect sense to put a reg into a res LSN as there is a huge pool of these just drooling at the gates of Brize to get one of those plum TA jobs.

    Or are you just taking the pi**
  3. here,here you draw the wage you do the job.... its the army not a social drinking club for people have nothing else to do on weekends
  4. lol that did sound bad, just that people seem to be surprised when these things happen so I got the impression that people perhaps got through in the past, I'm here to be corrected!
  5. I also need to highlight that the applicants don't need to pass their CFT,BPFAWHT,ect till they go to Chillwell,so a fair few months to improve their standard. I don't disagree with what your saying, I just want to know if this has always been the case.
  6. From my sources, at the last Op Oculus selection weekend held by 37 Sigs, only 11 .... yes, 11 .... TA personnel passed 'green' on their BPFA, 11 more were 'amber' and the rest failed.

    Fitness is like hygene ... if you don't wash, you stink! Ergo, if you don't train, you'll fail - not only your troop/squadron/regiment and/or Corps/Arm but, importantly, yourself. If you've stepped up to the line and taken the Queen's shilling, you should be trying, at the very least, to maintain the basic level of fitness or what is the point?
  7. I think a lot of people didn't pass because they didn't have the right skills. Fitness is a big aspect but also you need the skills to do the job when you are there. Some of the jobs were quite technical, so it narrowed the selection quite a but. If you were selected, it should also give you a spirt to get fit, to pass at chilwell.
  8. Well some of ours came back even bigger and more out of shape.
  9. That would be very frustrating for a lot of soldiers then. I listened to the Radio 5 programme about TA soldiers leaving in large numbers. If the army is prepared to turn away volunteers for mobilisation, no wonder so many leave. What is the 'thing' with fitness for Boznia, after all, you only do your only personal fizz out there (allegedly) and very little mil skills.
  10. There are several types of fitness but only one true definition - the degree to which an organism is fitted, or adapted, to its environment and other organisms. Higher fitness means superior ability to survive and reproduce. So basically, if you are a soldier you need to be fit enough to do your job and survive in a hostile environment for long periods. We have new recruits at present who have no fitness and no embarrassment at that fact. Get out on the road and train you lazy b'stards.
  11. You can only pass if you arent a fat hat.. Most of you will shit it...........
  12. WHT'S yeah, but isn't a BPFA just an assesment? it's not a pass or fail test, although if your seriously unfit then you can understand the desicion....I've seen plenty of, shall we say, overweight guys go out on ops who aren't the fittest, infact, did 1.5 miles in something like 20 mins...I guess it varies...

    Still, like has been said above, especially for Infantiers, if your unfit and can't be bothered to rectify it, then I suggest your part of the wrong organisation...
  13. What is the 'thing' with fitness for Boznia, after all, you only do your only personal fizz out there (allegedly) and very little mil skills.

    I came back from Bosnia at the end of September this year. The reason phys is so important and a necessity that you pass atleast your BPFA is that it plays such a significant role in your acclimatization. The more unfit you are the more prone you will be to illnesses related to acclimatizing. There were PT sessions three times a week and don't be suprised if you find yourself tabbing 8 miles around Banja Luka or Manjaka.
    Good luck with your tour folks! If you are based in Sarajevo or have the chance to go down take it as it is a beautiful city. There is one extremely nice restaurant called 'The Brewery' which i would reccomend to anyone.
  14. My apologies about my last post. The quote is wrong (im new to this site and an not sure how to use it yet properly) it was meaning to quote bobos, 'What is the 'thing' with fitness for Boznia, after all, you only do your only personal fizz out there (allegedly) and very little mil skills.'
  15. I totally agree with Capt Sensible, that there must be a level of fizz, but according to 'The Frenchie', a large number failed their BPFA on the Boz assessment. Duz that not tell the head sheds something ?.

    I would have thought that given the current state of the TA, that efforts would be made to help as many of those willing volunteers as possible, to get fit. It is a hard job balancing family life, TA, social life, DIY, other spare-time activities, plus all the unaccounted TA time that I am sure we all spend doing, AND trying to get fit.
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