Balkan Sig Sqn = Balkan Sig Multiple

No wah.

No, closer to what they'll want is about 40 people from each Regiment... Early indicators suggest that they will probably only get about 14 from each, if that (think about numbers already deployed, reccently got back and those who have completed recruits/trade trg and can spare a year).

Good luck at the selection, that goes both to the soldiers and CVHQ.
I heard that they have stood down the RAO - which is a bit of a sickener one month before mobilisation...

Hellzapoppin said:
Are they really only taking 14 people?
It's different selection dates for different Regiments. I think you've only got the numbers for one selection wkend. Either that or we're more screwed than innitially thought. Anyone got an idea of the contigency plan?

The bulk of people mobilise a bit further down the line mind.
is this about occulus?
if it is then occulus has changed significantly.
nubmers taken have been shrunk down.
Hellzapoppin said:
Are they really only taking 14 people?
Who would want to go anyway ? Its all just so 90s.... Personally I can't think of any worse idea than 6 months in Banja Luka. Except maybe 7 months.

Check out the FTRS site for a mass of R Sigs "Open Advert" potential postings. I have a strong suspicion that ANY R Sigs trained bod who offered themself for FTRS - even for 6 or 9 months - would be accepted with open arms by Glasgow. Get some real regular experience, not a pseudo tour.
Hellzapoppin turned out to be way ahead of the game on this one. Seems like were getting shot of that requirement for Bosnia sooner that originally expected, which is probably no surprise if you actually check out the EUFOR stuff et website. Heh totally contradicts the briefing that was being given out as solid gold gen about 2 months ago.

Soo who's for Afghan and Telic 10?
Funny that no one told the volunteers until they got down to the selection center and had signed paperwork to the effect that 'we are now available for mobilisation'. Then the next morning tell them that it's off but Tony's Tour of the Sandpit Episode 10 still requires volunteers.
It's stories like this that destroy the credibility of the organisation...

Well the way that cvhq probably saw it was that people wanted to do a tour and that telic 10 was in need of people. Thought may as well not bin the selection and use it as a good opportunity to sell Telic 10. Still ran the selection as planned though, people competing for very few places in Bos and doubt that the stands people did will help them get on telic.

Thing is that the CVHQ briefing that went around said that there was little point in applying for Telic as they don't need many and that 97 was where the future was. Haha look how things change.

Should have called or mailed the volunteers instead though, as for some who don't want to do Telic but wanted to deploy as a formed TA body won't be that interested and have wasted a weekend. If I'd been one of the people who went down I'd have been well annoyed. Wonder how long they knew about it, judging by the rumours that have been going around here.
It was annoying for sure but the weekend went well.
If nothing else it was a good chance to mix with other units and get a glimpse at a selection weekend.
This being a 'rumour's site, BLMF will allegedly be all but closed by Easter 07, as a result of which 25+ posts immediately wiped off 97 Sig Sqn's orbat, incl OC Sqn. There still exists a requirement for a small sigs contingent in Kosovo, hence no cancellation of 33SR's recent 97 Sig Sqn selection weekend. 10 TA were selected with required skillsets, the remaining LSNs will be backfilled by regulars. TA Tp Comd in Kosovo will 'double-hat' as SO3.

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