Balistics and sandbags

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Shittypants, Jun 22, 2011.

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  1. Rather drunken debate last night about the protection offered by sandbags.

    I maintained that sandbags offered better protection than armour plate.

    Am I correct and can anybody point me in the direction of evidence to back my claim?
  2. top gear xmas special is all you need.

    see the bit where jezza fills the car door with sand.
  3. Protection? Condoms, they don't chafe as much.

    Edit; because this isn't the NB;

    Protection from what/how many rounds of/at what range?

    What thickness of bags/plate?

    What type of plate?

    The Panzer Pope knows the answers.
  4. You forgot angle of attack...just sayin'
  5. 5.56mm goes through sandbags, so my money is on Armour plate being better than sand. Granted you don't ricochet off sand as much as plate.
  6. Did someone mention Sandbags?
  7. I knew it wouldn't be long :)
  8. Don't start........

    What's with the avatar, surely it should be a goose that's just been run over by a bread cart?
  9. It's a cock. I'm told it is appropriate.

    And it was a very brave goose and a Beer Waggon.
  10. I suppose any defenceless animal that hangs around Coldstreamers must be very brave.

    Sandbags must be pretty good at stopping rounds or the wouldn't be used for building up defensive positions or for the grenade pits on the range.

    However, if I had the choice between one armoured plate or 5 sandbags for the same level of protection, I know which I'd choose.
  11. Wet or dry sandbags ?
  12. Electronic Battle Book is your friend if you are at work. Field engineering pamphlet 20, table 3-1 gives the required thickness of sandbag construction vs 7.62mm but the document is restricted.

    As for sandbags being better than armour plate? Try sticking a sandbag down the front of your Osprey and see how you get on. 'Orses for courses, innit?
  13. Surely it's just a question of how much sand vs how much armour plate?

    For given weight and thickness; armour, for cost and ease of creation; sand.

    Hence why armoured vehicles and infantry tend to have armour plate, and improvised defences tend to use sand.
  14. No, no, don't need spensive armour or heavy sandbags, what you need is water. Fill up lots of carrier bags with water and build a defensive position with them, or hang a few around yourself for personal protection then you could also take a drink whilst on patrol......mind, that would deplete the armour a tad.

    The source of this wisdom comes from Mythbusters. Did anyone see the episode where they were shooting at ballistic gel thru water tanks and in swimming pools? 5.56 disintegrates upon impact as does .50cal.

    Annotated Mythbusters: Episode 34: Bulletproof Water, 360 Swing

    Watch the vid:

    YouTube - ‪Mythbusters Shooting 50 Caliber Sniper into Water‬‏

    Its just like an IED disputor in reverse; instead of shooting the water at the object the object is shot at the water.

    Purely for research purposes, telephone directories are not bulletproof:

    YouTube - ‪Mythbuster - Phone Book Armor‬‏
  15. On the other hand, you don't have to worry so much about secondary fragmentation from a sandbag.

    There's an account somewhere of German snipers being taken out by secondary frag of their steel plate shields by the simple expedient of reversing the bullet in .303 rounds or something like that.

    Moving up a scale, what's the effect of HESH on sandbags?