bali Bombs



Almost 3 years to the day its happened again

JAKARTA (Reuters) - An explosion rocked the Kuta beach tourist area of Indonesia's resort island of Bali but it was not immediately clear if there had been any casualties, a police official said on Saturday.

"Our officers are on their way to the site. We don't know yet what happened exactly,' Ruda, an official at Bali police headquarters, told Reuters by telephone. He had no details on damage or casualties.

Local Metro TV reported that three explosions had hit tourist areas on Bali, causing casualties.

Two explosions were in the Jimbaran area and the other was around the Kuta area on the famous tourist island where Islamic militants bombed two nightclubs in October 2002, killing 202 people, it said.

Bummer .
Indonesia is a great place and 99% of the folks there are bloody nice. Shame that a few are so stupid. I hope the final toll is small, though it will be a tragedy for all.


obviously my first thought goes out to those whos have been so cruelly robbed of life and those who have been so hideously disfigured in yet abother cowardly terrorist attack . Its also worth thinking about the Balaneese people who rely on the tourists to eek thier daily bread, who will surley sufer due to this atrocity. 99% of balineese people are HINDU and have no truck with the rest of indonesia's version of a modern ' secular ' Islamic state .

yeah Im gutted

Regretably the deathtoll here in Australia is being reported as 34 dead, including 2 Australians (16yrs M & 41 YRs F ) sympathy to all families concerned
My thoughts to all those affected,and also to the families who are still awaiting news.
Condolences to those who have lost loved ones.

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