Baldrick knighted

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Auld-Yin, Jun 15, 2013.

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  1. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Baldrick gets a knighthood while Blackadder only gets a gong (CBE) in QBOs
  2. mercurydancer

    mercurydancer LE Book Reviewer

    Anish kapoor gets an honour for putting up a rusty slinky in a derelict area of Teesside?
  3. After all those years of sucking up to Tony Blair, he deserves a Dukedom. Or possibly a slap.
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  4. So one of his cunning plans finally worked.
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  5. Rather odd for an avowed republican?
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  6. Was it for services to champagne socialism?
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  7. Strange; Didn’t he do a recent TV thing demonstrating that HM Liz isn’t actually the reigning monarch? He made abundantly clear his distain for the “outdated” monarchy and was “knighted” with a stick by some bloke in Australia.

    Still, it’s about time such humble and politically influential socialist millionaires were elevated to the nobility. It’s only fitting, given the sacrifices in pay and conditions he’s taken to serve his country.
  8. Hypocrite - and not unlike that other staunch monarchist Vanessa Redgrave CBE.
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  9. Like 'Sir' Sean Connery you mean?
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  10. Good on him. Has done much to bring archaeology to the uneducated masses.
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  11. The production company which employed him did this.... He is just the public face of it.
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  12. Time Team is not archaeology. It's just scrabbling around in medieval landfill... and a lot of wishful thinking.
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  13. I am still hoping my dad will get something but I doubt it. Dad was born in 1941 in Dartford Kent and grew up in a council house along with his 7 siblings. He went to a technical school rather than grammer and then worked all his life, when he was out of work in the 1960's he found work. He is a man without fear, bounding in confidence, he has a great mind for politics and economics he worked on power stations and saw the corruption caused by trade unions and the destruction of the economy by Labour. In the 70's he went into business and is still the Managing Director today his companies have been reasonably successful without any help from anybody, unless you pay, or any Government, bounced cheque or a bad debt? thats your problem. In that time he has employed many men, as a rough guess a hundred plus? He and the business has paid several million pounds in direct or indirect taxes. We have never not paid anyone or have never been in trouble with the Inland Revenue. Heres my gripe, when he got to the age of 70 let alone 65 he never even got so much as a thank you letter from HM Government for all his efforts in keeping people employed paying taxes etc. Its folkes like my dad who generate the dosh that stimulate the economy. He's recovering from pancreatic cancer at the moment, the life saving operation the firm paid for as the waiting list was too long and he would have died, he has to repay that money to this business by the end of June otherwise he will be taxed on it. Its only the chemo that the NHS is paying for.
    He would be very embarrased if he were to get any recognition and would probably shy away like his generation do. These awards seem only to be given to placate media types whoe's opinions seem to matter.
    Compare this to my neighbour, lovely kind lady, but she is an Irish citizen who until last year has worked for the (UK)civil service all her adult life, she is a staunch socialist/Blairite and desperate to become a Labour MP she has made the shortlist several times in various areas. She was awarded the MBE a few years ago.
    I'll think I'll write to the Daily Mail.
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