Baldness be my friend


I feel a bit left out. I'm an old fart who still has lots of hair ;-)
50 Years old and currently have a hair like a 1970's catalogue model. Can't wait for barbers to open again!

70s hair.JPG
Baldness is a consequence of high levels of testosterone. Those of us who are privileged to be able to embrace our baldness are still coursing with the same hormones as when we were rampant teenagers.

The rest of you heading into later life with a full head of hair can look forward to a life of needing a little green pill to get it up.


Actually did the whole Bic thing for a few months. Not really my thing, so have gone back to a zero clipper, much happier with a bit of stubble on my head.
I use these, great product:
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Friend of mine bought one of those type of things. First time he used it he did the typical bloke thing and didn't bother to read the instructions.

He learned the hard way that the factory default setting was the one that took all the hair off and that the instructions recommended starting on a higher setting and working down to the desired length... :)

Mrs Slocombe

Has anyone looked into those Turkish hair transplant things? Apparently they attach pubes to your head or something.
Clippers with no guard, and then shaved with a ladies Gillette Venus Razor.

I find it easier with a lady Razor and I cut my head less as well.
How do you manage that? When your continuously drinking cheap cider?

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