Baldies What You Would

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Twattipus, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. Seriously?!!? Another "xxxxxxx that you'd do" thread??

    Have you not already worked out that the majority of arrsers aren't overly fussy as to what they'll stick their cock into. Animal, vegetable, mineral, or other.
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  2. ^Agreed. Most service members have poor taste in women, although not all.
  3. Do you class yourself as someone in the "poor taste" catagory? Are you overweight and ginger?
  4. As long as her kebab is wet and warm...who cares?
  5. Why, yes... Yes I have. And I include myself in that statement.

    However, I did want to see what pearls of wisdom would spew forth.
  6. I would do all of them apart from the black one
  7. take any good looking woman and shave her head and you'll find my answer
  8. Still would tho!!
  9. View attachment 46018 Amber Rose. And she has kindly obliged with some leaked nude photos this week. Google them lest I be beat for clunge violation.
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  10. Somebody shall be along shortly to beat you around the chops with the 'no clunge pics' rule!!
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  11. article-1159003-03BBF8A5000005DC-431_233x353.jpg James Landale off the telly. Went to Eton. Nothing like a bit of posh totty.
  12. Yes please.

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  13. karzai1.jpg I would till he bleeds to death from his arse.
  14. Had to be done

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