Baldies beware!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Queensman, Apr 4, 2013.

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  1. That's a Japanese study, how many of them do you see bald? I think that this needs a comment from Whey aye Banzai, I'm sure he's qualified to comment. As for myself (A baldy from the age 23) I'm too ancient to be bothered by it.
  2. I'd have a full head of hair if I didn't have to wear a ******* beret all the time. The army gives you heart disease - FACT.
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  3. Tomorrows study will be 'full head of hair = increased risk of cancer' or something of a similar vein!
  4. My dad still has a good head of hair and he's in his 80's. I obviously have the "good head of hair" gene as well.

    You baldies should stop complaining - it is quite tiresome having to go for a haircut every few weeks...


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  5. And the winner of the Best Signature Block Gif" is....


  6. In that case, allow me to alter my Weekly World News headline;

    The Army - Causes Heart Disease, But Cures Cancer. FACT.
  7. Start smoking and drinking excess amounts then, you are about to die
  8. Hang on a minute! I can tell you it is EVEN more tiresome to have to go for a haircut every few weeks and have to pay full price for the barber to just fiddle about with the last few stragglers clinging on to the sides of one's swede - quips along the lines of 'so, you'll only be charging half price for that then?' or 'shouldn't you be charging by volume?', only ever fall on stony ground.
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  9. Yeah, and that old chestnut "Short back and shine, sir?"
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  10. Had you thought about removing the massive plastic Kangol patch inside your beret? I was bald as a coot within six months of beret wearing but it all grew back when I left.
  11. BALDerdash
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  12. And, 'Ah, I see Sir has a fine head of skin...' or 'I'll just work round your flesh coloured highlights, Sir'

    The final insult/disappointment is that what is left of mine is now completely grey, or silver-blonde as I try and persuade my loin fruit.
  13. It could also be said being short causes heart problems. This Japanese study hasn't mentioned that, I wonder why? There are few bald Japanese there are also very few of normal stature. Little runts.
    Sean Connery has very little hair but doesn't seem to suffer from heart problems, to name just one example. He's also somewhat taller than the average Japanese.
  14. We're not 'baldies', we're 'solar powered sex machines'


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