Balderdash, piffle & Crumpet!

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by growler, Jan 10, 2006.

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  1. Very interesting and entertaining programme, made all the more so by being
    hosted by a really gorgeous bit of totty named Victoria Coren. In last
    nights edition they also had Bethany Hughes walking across the bell end of
    the Cerne Abbot giant- she was quite exited about it!
  2. Well yes, but on the down side, a large bit of the program was hosted by a fat macum, so hardly paradise on any scale.
  3. "fat macum"? Pardon my ignorance,can you elaborate?
  4. Ummm, I can sense a wha coming on here. You mean you don't know what a) fat is? b) a mucum is?

    Even worse, in this case he was a loudmouthed macum DJ, which didn't help at all. :roll:
  5. Still a very interesting program. I'm looking forward to the next one. Word research seems like it could be a great, if all-consuming, hobby.
  6. At no point did I say that the program wasn't interesting and worth watching. I was only pointing out that enticing unsuspecting squaddies to watch it on the grounds that it's full of hot babes, is likely to leave them somewhat disapointed and with a feeling that they have been cheated.
  7. No Wah intended if a "mucum" is meant to be a "makem"?(ignorant geordie b*stard-I believe) :lol:
  8. A Geordie would not take kindly being called a Makem.


    Intense local rivals.
  9. I may be wrong in my spelling of the word makum/macum, but I think you'll find that you are either a makum OR a geordie as one is from Sunderland and the other Newcastle, you can't really be both. :?
  10. I suppose this is how wars start :lol:
  11. Still, back to the totty eh? You can not imagine Victoria putting up with any nonesense and, those lips!!!!