Balancing TA and life!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by TheRedSock, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. The age old problem perhaps! I went through all my basic training in one go (which I loved) and then embarked on the TAPO process. Since then my life outside the green machine has changed a fair bit; I'm now undergoing intense professional training for my new career and am finding it very difficult to slot in weekends/training nights (work arrives often late in the evening requiring me to read through it ready for the following day/Monday am.)

    My problem is I still hanker after getting commissioned but am wondering whether it's realistic with my new career. I'd put everything on hold for a while but with how long the TAPO process takes, that would mean starting the whole thing again (I've waited over a year for a new AOSB date as it is!) At the moment I'm having to be one of those people that signs up for a weekend only to have to pull the plug, often last minute.
    Do I carry on like that, just hoping to make it work out or do I call it a day?

    Any advice welcomed!
  2. You might consider doing what many of those in the TA with 'proper' careers do and remain in the ranks rather than undertaking TAPO training. Less paperwork and less responsibility on weekends (and your own time) which might fit better with your career. I have known more than one Managing Director in the ranks that spend enough time bossing people around during the week and would rather spend their weekends doing the legwork rather than dishing out orders.
  3. Have you considered taking on "airsoft gaming"? It's not too disimilar to what you do already except that the airsoft guys usually pay more attention to detail than the TA.
  4. TRS

    You've got two separate situations here.

    You have problems with attending weekends. You ought to think about whether the TA, and in particular commissioned service, is right for your work/life situation. You can barely find the time to attend some TAPO weekends so how are you going to do the job of a troop commander? If you can see a way around this, you should look at doing a continuous Module 2 course. A lot of people who have busy jobs with a demanding workload have said that its easier to achieve a single period away from work than try to attend 100% of a long run of compulsory weekends.

    There is only a two month queue for AOSB once the paperwork is completed so you need to look at why its taken a year for you to get a new(??) date. Perhaps its linked to your pressure of work?

  5. Abso-*******-lutely... besides, in the ranks you get to lead people on the ground rather than from an office.
  6. To echo what others have said, there's nothing wrong with serving in the ranks. I line manage 11 people, I don't particulary want to have to line manage another dozen in my free time, that's one of the reasons I joined the TA, to do something different from my day job.

    It's also all about managing expectations, for example I've just taken over a new department at work so the likelihood of me turning up for drill nights for the next few weeks is minimal. so I've told my troop sgt. If you communicate with the relevant people you should have no real problems.
  7. You're not suitable.,

    Get a proper life.


    PS; its the best bit of advice you will get. If you are in any doubt, go.
  8. And we wonder why we have TA Messes full of forty-somthing plus LEs......

    Great idea to align TA and Reg AOSB. Not so good to insist on so much pre training. Quite what value being able to do 7Qs adds to AOSB I frankly dunno. My suggestion is that - at most - the TA Offr piece should be able to be completed in one summer, two months work. Would work for the 50% of our Yoof who do Uni and a good percentage of the rest should be able to organise a 2 month sabbatical somehow ?
    ...and do we really want non-Grad retards anyway ?
  9. +1 - as an OR you can pull out of an activity at short notice and no one really cares. As Platoon Commander you can't.