Balanced diet for training

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by wildcard.rgbw, Oct 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I recently started eating raw eggs for breakfast as part of my diet for training up (being inf), does any one think this might not be the right way to go?

    I do all the usual training we're recommending i.e running regulurly, push ups, sit ups and tabbing, but I know that eggs are a good source of protein, is it going to make a difference having say 6 raw eggs for breakfast with 2 slices of toast and a glass of orange juice and say 6 eggs before bed?

    Anyone also care to share any good diet plans that don't revolve around protein shakes :D
  2. 12 eggs a day will be quite bad for you. Raw eggs are not a great idea.

    Just find a balanced diet and if you want eggs, use the whites rather than whole eggs and just make an omlette or scramble them.
  3. I doubt eating any number of raw eggs is good for you. They should be cooked to reduce the chance of Salmonella poisoning.

    Besides, raw eggs? Ewww!!!
  4. it worked for Rocky!
  5. How about a pint in either hand?
  6. You can only digest about 25g of protein in one sitting; 6 eggs is about 36g, but 6 egg whites is about 20g. Saves you sitting on the toilet getting rid of the excess protein and avoids the fats in the yolk.
  7. I always use Guinness and a bag of chips to bulk up.
  8. I'd seriously dump your nutritional advisor and speak to your GP :oops:
  9. Just eat a normal balanced diet, including fruit and veg. Your body will tell you if your training means you need extra protein, sugar, or whatever.

    Eating raw eggs is not good, neither is eating 12 eggs a day. You'll have the shits like you wouldn't believe, and started putting on fat.
  10. Yeah, that number of eggs isn't good...

    As others are saying, you'll have the ultimate shits, put on extra fat, and your cholesterol levels will skyrocket - leaving the door open for heart disease, which isn't what you're aiming for probably.
  11. The risk of salmonella poisoning from eating raw eggs is hugely exaggerated. If you're healthy and you can obtain your eggs from a healthy free range flock, the risk is minimal. I occasionally eat raw eggs and have done for years, but twelve a day is more than a little excessive.
  12. OK well I can't see 2 in addition to my breakfast doing any harm, I was just looking for a more "natural" way to bulk up as I'm lean as hell and could do with a bit more weight.