Balance of Power shifting in UN

They just announced the results of the voting for the Security Council which starts afresh in the New Year.

Five countries are leaving at the end of this year:
Panama and
South Africa.

Japan defeated Iran for an Asian seat, Mexico and Uganda were voted in, Turkey went through easily and Austria by a narrower margin.

The big news is that Iran got the finger from practically every other country in its region.

Read all about it:
Voting was essentially as predicted some months back. Only real 'change' was Austria being favoured over Iceland. I wonder why?

Looking forward to the usual suspects popping up to counter my comments, but this Japan-Iran vote essentially shows how far US/UK influence has fallen in recent years. The vote gives a strong indication as to how 'the world' views Iran. And yet, given this strength of feeling, the US/UK can do so little to combat Iran's influence in the region. In effect, they don't like what Iran's doing, but like US/UK policy even less.

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