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Bakri condemns muslims who wear HFH wristbands and XFACTOR!

So let me see if I've understood this properly.

The Sun - the paper that supports 'our boys', let's not forget - makes a story out of the droolings of one of its better known rent-a-gobshites. A story that is - let's be honest - more likely to be of interest to anyone who actually watches that well-known argument for retrospective abortion that is X Factor.

And we're meant to take this story seriously, for some reason.

Nope, give-a-fuckometer still resolutely at zero.
Sven said:
Apparently because of the 'Singing Squaddie' who is to release a charity single next week.

The Sun

Apologies if it's been done.
Just been done on a news flash in ITV3.

Dont roll the outrage bus onto the tarmac, apparently there is an arriface in charge AND he has a map!

Sadly, i really really want some raghead to kill simon cowell, and almost all the prats making the record.

The record sales would quad trillion = lots more money for the boys. :D :D :D :D :D :D :p :p :lol: :lol:

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