Baked Raspberry cheesecake.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by vvaannmmaann, Oct 27, 2011.

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  1. Made this last night.Tastes fine.However,how can I stop the cracks appearing on the surface?

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  2. use fresh whipped cream as polyfilla and sprinkle a handful of fresh raspberries on top, or just try cooking on a lower heat setting, that should stop it drying out so quickly and causing cracks
  3. Gas Aga oven.Maybe in the bottom oven then? Never thought of the camoflague technique!
  4. I think you are meant to leave it in the oven (with the oven turned off) until it completely cools down avoid the cracks ... not that they matter really still tastes the same

  5. WTF?......same way as you do for your boat race I guess?
  6. Tricky with an Aga!
  7. Try covering with a thin Raspberry Coulis. Should finish that off nicely
  8. Eat it.
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  9. Question: Did you use quark or cream cheese? I miss proppa cheesecake, can't make a decent one here in septicland as they don't have quark only cream cheese that makes it taste too sweet.

    To your problem: Baking a cheese cake is a long process. You need a slightly lower temp for a longer time, having never used an Aga but having baked a few cheese cakes can I suggest that the next time you stand your cake tin on baking sheet and then cover with tin foil towards the last third of the baking process. That breaks on of the biggest rules of cheesecake baking in that you are not meant to open the oven till it is done ............ a bit like souffle's.
  10. I used two 300 gram Philadelphia Cream Cheese! Full fat.
    Thanks for the tin foil tip.
  11. Have you considered not being such a bummer? Cheesecake is like quiche, big brother and the xfactor, in that it is only enjoyed by women and homosexuals.

    If you want a more hetero idea for desert, get yourself a slab of 'bow and 20 Lamberts.
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  12. Dear heart, from looking at your picture you may have made a couple of slight errors, but never mind an excellent attempt. Well done!!

    (a) The oven stetting was too high - should have been 180°C / 350°F / Gas Mark 4.
    (b) Cooking time is around 35 minutes

    A cheesecake is cooked when the edges are firm and the centre is set but not yet firm. At which time it should be placed to one side to cool.
    Need advice, then please contact La Reine de cuisine Breton by PM
  13. Thanks.
    As mentioned above I have an Aga,not easy too regulate the temperature.And the advice above has been noted for future reference.
  14. "As mentioned above I have an Aga,not easy too regulate the temperature"

    In that case buy a decent oven you tight git.
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