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I know its not the greatest of thread titles but a question asked of me a couple of years ago has finally got me woindering.
I posted a pic on FB of a big fried breakfast at a cafe I was using and a Canuck friend asked about the beans and what our addiction to them was.
I couldnt really remember when I first ate baked beans at breakfast before joining the army.
I certainly dont really recall too many cooked breakfast before joining up aged 16 so I cant recall if I ate them before joining the army in any other manner than on toast!
So the question to the older and bolder than me is, when did baked beans make their breakfast debut, whats the earliest that you can definetly recall baked beans with brekkers?
For me its 1981 at IJLB (I cant remember much about ACF scoff before that).
Maybe some of the ACCs finest fitters and turners can recall them being on the menu in the 60's or earlier?


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I'm younger than you but I never liked them, far too sweet and sickly. Boringly my home economics teacher said it was impossible to make them yourself.
Never had beans with breakfast prior to joining the Army. IJLB '76


So its looking like Andy Caps Commandos were the instigators, I wonder if the fry up with beans is a product of all those national servicemen?
I never had baked beans until i joined the Junior Leaders, R.A.O.C. in Sept 1963. On a similar subject. I was really surprised when we had chicken for a dinner meal during the week when I joined up. At home we only had chicken on Xmas Day as a special treat. To have chicken for a normal meal was quite a surprise.
Same here - I never had baked beans for brekkie until I became a steely-eyed dealer of death. Well, not death, traffic directions.
Beans ? we had bread and dripping, when i left school it was bread and dripping packed sarnies, not many people ever offered to swap with me for some reason.
My earliest memory was eating baked beans on toast at a mates house when kids in the 70's, then at camp when in the scouts. I guess tinned baked beans were a god send to harassed scout leaders when out on camp.
Always had baked beans with a cooked breakfast as a kid in the early 70's. Mind you, it was BFG, and my dad had been in since he was 16...


I'm younger than you but I never liked them, far too sweet and sickly. Boringly my home economics teacher said it was impossible to make them yourself.
As an aside didnt that Jimmy twat from the pig farm make them in his food factory program?
Well they were the only vegetable apart from spuds my father would eat.
My ealiest cooked breakfast in Germany with the army cadets 1973.

Just did a search about baked beans on tinternet found this. ( I must be bored if I am researching ruddy baked beans....)

It was these "baked" beans, stewed with pork and molasses, which were first tinned – or canned in American parlance – around the US civil war in the 1860s. (More than one cannery claims to have been the first to do so.) Tinned beans had the happy fortune of succeeding the first tin opener, patented in England in 1855: before that, opening tins involved hammers and chisels and blood and swearing. Heinz Baked Beans arrived in Fortnum's in 1886 as an exotic luxury; the American company only dropped the pork from the product during second world war rationing.
I think it's a sad state of affairs when a breakfast that includes baked beans is a step up from what people usually had while growing up, but that's how it was and how it probably still is.


I blame Mel Brooks.
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