Baiting the Mentally Impaired, Is It Wrong?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Blackrat, Oct 23, 2008.

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  1. Working in London, there is no shortage of drunk, mentally impaired people who walk the streets babbling incoherent nonsense while p*ssing their stinky kecks. Now these people provide no end of entertainment when i take my coffee and watch them pass by, shaking their heads, dribbling or chatting away to their invisible chums.

    Where i work, there is a harry ramp who argues with himself on a regular basis and is known to stand stock still and stare into the sky. The other day, i was watching this chap on CCTV, walking along chatting to a pigeon that was moving along the pavement, until he came level with the massive electronically controlled sliding doors we have in our loading bay. As he walked past them, i opened them and they stayed level with him. When he stopped, the gates stopped. When he walked backwards, the gates followed him. He walked forwards again, the gates went with him. This utterly perplexed him. He shouted something, so i shut the gates fully. He walked off shaking his head and was last seen on CCTV rifling through a bin.

    This evening, he came back. As he got level with the gates, i started the whole thing off again. He is at present standing over the other side of the road just staring at the gates. I am trying to get some sort of microphone/intercom set up so that the gates can talk to him.

    The question is, am i messing with his already befuddled brain? Could this tip him over the edge? Is this wrong what i'm doing? Do any other Arrsers mess with these people in the same or a similar way?
  2. Crack on :D

    If I was watching cctv all night instead of arrse, that would make my night!!!
  3. a tad cruel, but well worth the watch i reckon :twisted:
  4. Make sure you Record it and post it on youtube. Because just reading about it i am chuckling away. But to watch it preferably with sound i think i could possibly pi$$ my self with laughter
  5. A real man would record it and post a link to Youtube.

    Edited to add: I must refresh the page and check for new posts first.
  6. can you live feed it to arrse? :twisted:
  7. Oh it gets better. He has a chum with him and he seems to be informing him that he must have some sort of Jedi-like power to move things. As he pointed at the gate, i did the open-shut thing. They are both swigging 8 Ace and looking thoroughly confused. I'm hoping to get a field of dreams type gathering of the homeless.
  8. Sadly not. The camera he's on is the only one where the recording doesn't come out as it's a camera of no tactical importance. :x
  9. how can it be wrong if it's that funny? keep us up-to-date on this mate, quality!
  10. I can feel a proper giggle session coming on. you NEED to get this recorded.
  11. you sir are a genius
  12. They've nipped off for a slash by the gates of the nearby girls school. I'm off to bait the area with some fag butts to keep them there. I'll see if i can chuck a few tins of White Lightning near the bin. Wait out....
  13. roger that
  14. If it makes you giggle for more than 10 seconds yes .Otherwise crack on.
  15. It's completely and utterly wrong, unless it's posted on youtube :twisted: