Baiting North Korea

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SKJOLD, Jun 9, 2004.

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  1. Once upon a time, the boy Bush proclaimed N Korea as part of the axis of evil. In his current state of mind and in the heat of current political out cry, it would be unwise even for him to invade N Korea.

    So now maybe N Korea would fancy its chances and invade S Korea. Thus drawing America, UK and anyone else into yet another one of Georgie Boys mad cap global policies.

    And he can turn around this time and "I didnt start it, u did".

    Bush has no penis hes just a big fat bush. (a Cnut)
  2. I don't think North Korea is going to do anything daft - why ? Simple, China is next door, they have lots and lots of soldiers with nothing to do and if NK loses its entertainment value (ie winding up the yanks without any bloodshed) they'll go in and take over in pretty short order. I see their nukes as more of a bargaining ploy to ensure survival of the regime than anything else.

    Equally, if Bush loses the plot and goes in China won't stand for it - and Bush isn't daft enough to take them on (is he ?).
  3. Exactly! Is he stupid enough. Me thinks so! But I hope I am very wrong!
  4. Did anyone see that documentary on the bbc about life in North Korea. I missed it but saw the trailer-thing, "Imagine you devoted your entire life to your country, imagine you loved your leader so much you devoted your life to proving it, imagine everyone you knew felt exactly the same way." or words to that effect.
    Looked pretty good, haven't hear what it was actually like though..
  5. scary.....very scary , i saw the documentary about their 1966 world cup team , but it also gave you a good indicator as to the mindset of the average north korean , these people are so indoctrinated that they make the ragheads look like a bunch of hand wringing lefties!!!

    Rather baised. Does anyone know, or have a more balanced knowledge of qhat their armed forces are like?

    It's just that if America goes in then the chances are that Britain shall be in some way involved too i should think.

  7. Ooops, sorry. I thought you were on about the Americans in both statements!
  8. The North Koreans have 1,082,000 men and women under arms, with 3500 MBTs ranging from WW2-era T-34s to Chicom versions of the T-72. Their total arty holdings number some 10,500 tubes. They also have one Scud brigade and one Frog brigade. Their air force has more than 500 combat aircraft, mostly old, but includes Su-25 ground-attack squadrons and more than 300 helos for deep air assault. Also reputed to have up to six buckets of instant sunshine, plus chemical and bioweapons. [/b]
  9. If these 500 planes were in the sky would they manage to overwhelm and bring down british/US planes?

    Just curious as to whether our technology would win the day or if sheer weight of numbers would undo us.
  10. North Korea - a fine example of what happens when political correctness is left unchallenged :twisted:
  11. Aside from their nuclear weapons (which they don't have of course) the issue of North Korean military technology is really not worth discussing. When a country has that large a number of troops under arms with a populace utterly devoted to 'The Dear Leader' (or whatever that fruitcake calls himself) who need bother with technology? With the recent announcement of a reduction of U.S. troop levels in South Korea it is unlikely, in the event of the North invading, that any U.S. or Allied forces would be able to get to the area before it was all over. I know, I know, the North captured Seoul in 1950, but I cannot see there being the same level of support in the U.S. if something simliar were to happen today.

    Sheer weight of numbers, masses of artillery and armour and enough metal in the air will simply overwhelm whatever the South has got (and that's not much by all accounts). North Korea may be starving but neither Kim Jong-il nor his army are. As for there being any hope of a popular uprising in the North, forget it. If anything were to happen I wonder how long it would take for the 'Hands off North Korea' lobby to start whining?

    I agree that China would prefer that North Korea stay in it's box, and it is unlikely that Kim Jong-il will make a grab for the South, but who knows? Will China agree to keep tabs on North Korea in exchange for a free hand regarding Taiwan? If anything, the current situation suits everyone; the North can threaten, the South can plead insecurity to the U.S. and the U.S. doesn't have to do anything except keep an eye on the place; Lord knows the U.S. has it's hands full with Iraq right now. Make no mistake, if the balloon were to go up on the Korean peninsula, it would be a real gloves-off war in the old-fashioned sense - none of this hide-and-seek carry-on as in Iraq.

    Certainly the North Korean regime is one of the few purely evil things about today - it's a cross between Disney Land and Stalin's USSR. It leaves every other dictatorship and hell-hole on earth today in the ha'penny place. The entire country is devoted to the worship of the current fruitcake - Kim Jong-il - and his late father, Kim Il-sung, who although dead since 1994 , is still head of state. The documentaries of recent years only show a portion of the complete unreality of the place. If ever a place needed to be invaded and cleaned-up it is North Korea.
  12. Well you never know the US may declare korea outside of it's protection zone. oh wait they already did that. :roll:
  13. North Korean civvies may well be starving, but the Army certainly isn't- almost all government expenditure goes on the armed forces. The current regime is nuts and may well do something entirely irrational. They almost certainly have some NBC assets as well
  14. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    I think your confused on the Nuke side, or being smart and coy. Either way I suspec they have them. Seoul was actually captured and liberated 3 times during the war.

    Essentially their airforce would last minutes, the wouldn't get through the F16's AMRAAMS and side winders and AWACS, the US would then have arguably air domination of the peninsula. Recall that ROK is about 100miles wide and 300 miles long, an F16 can be anywhere and launch on anything in max 15 minutes from base. NK is about the same size. The Weight of inf. however would be an issue.

    I agree with the political analysis (for what it's worth!)

    That said, the SK guys I met in SK were mostly tossers - worse even than the French.