B'ain't so bright down in Cornwall, be they?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Semper_Flexibilis, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. Can't understand it - it worked OK when he did it on the x-box!
  2. I don't think we lost a cure for cancer here. Everyone knows Rovers are powered by a bag of old clocks and not capable of any speed other than 'pootling'
  3. Clearly a few elements missing from the attempt made by our plucky Cornishman.

  4. "By Pol, Tre and Splash you shall know the Cornishmen"??

    Another village with a vacancy...but the queue is from Redruth to Falmouth...
  5. I do hope it was video'd and shows up in YouTube.
  6. Gleaming, made I larf. Thick ****** both sides of the harbour wall are at the same height. So assuming there was no chains to stop him and he'd took a longer run up to get a bit more speed. If his car would have ploughed straight in to the other wall. So Probably would have died in the crash or drowned on the far side. Darwin award gold.
  7. Brilliant! The answer to the whingeing, mono-browed Cornish *****? Give all their children Rover hatchbacks to play with.
  8. I hope that the collateral damage was kept to a minimum.
  9. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    1 down, so many more to go. I wonder what brand of loopy juice the fecker was on. People often ask me why I didnt go back to Cornwall after leaving the army, I think me learned friend covers this question.

    No I am not cornish!
  10. "Look Cornish fellow before planning a stunt like this you need to have looked at aerodynamics"

    "Well Oi peeked at the wimmin doin they aerobics will that do ?"

    "Yes indeed. Dress your Rover in a leotard and warm it up well before the exercise. Touch the exhaust to check you are ready for the burn. And remember to keep your knees flexed to absorb impact"

    "Oi thought if I pull this one off I moight get stuntman work in Doc Martin"

    "Yes. Good ambition and you might fit in some helpful experience of real doctors before that eventuality"

    "Thankee there's no telling where oi could end up"

    "I think harbour and mortuary are odds on favourites"

    "Well don't ee bet on them then"
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Ah, an emporer mong moment!
  12. Will all Cornish beaches now close due to the oil leaking from the motor?
  13. Not to be picky but I thought the Dukes of Hazard were more into this type of stunt than Starsky and Hutch


    and just because I mentioned the Good Ol Boys

  14. Just remember thet they'd prefer to hang out with each other, rather than hanging out the back of 'Cousin Daisy'!