Bailiffs seize Nick Griffin's car; not looking good for the master race is it:)

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brighton hippy, Sep 5, 2011.

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  1. Bailiffs seize BNP boss Nick Griffin's car -
    BNP leader Nick Griffin’s car has been seized by bailiffs trying to claw back his *party’s £600,000 debts.

    High Court enforcement officers turned up at the far-right party chief’s home in Welshpool, Powys, with a lorry and orders to take his Skoda on Friday morning.
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    Eddy Butler, one of *Griffin’s former lieutenants, said the MEP claimed he had *recently sold the car to a colleague who leased it back to him.

    But after Griffin failed to provide proof the bailiffs took it away.

    The BNP has racked up huge debts with small businesses and is engaged in legal battles with former employees and organisations.

    A family-owned Belfast printing firm shut last week, blaming an unpaid BNP bill £50,000 for its closure.

    Senior officials are *personally liable for party debts because of the *unusual way the BNP is organised.

    The BNP refused to *comment yesterday.
    bwhahahaaahahahhaah won't happen to labour unfortunatly
  2. I am sure Lord Odin will find a way for Master Chief of all Aryan tribes Nick Griffin.
  3. Yet Labour are tens of millions in debt......

    Besides, he's an MEP so he'll just get a fresh car on expenses.
  4. In less developed countries, governments neutralise opposition by murdering or imprisoning their political opponents. Governments in more developed countries neutralise their opponents by encouraging the use of litigation and consequential costs and damages to bankrupt it. This, together with the criminalising of the expression of political dissent through public order legislation, is the means by which views which are inconsistent with government policy or are otherwise regarded as obnoxious or unpalatable are silenced just as effectively.
  5. Cool. Let's hope they crack on asap with this!
  6. It works every time. Next on the list is the EDL. Unfortunately it does not work very well with really radical groups who cause extensive damage to British national interests. Groups such as Banks, financial institutions, and Corporations.
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  7. I think labour have done the paperwork so lord high tony of Gaza and lady wide mouth frog won't be opening an ebay store any time soon.
    the edl don't sue people or have much printing cost "fear muslamic ray guns" in green crayon on old cardboard is cheap.
  8. I have no time for the BNP or the EDL but I do notice the ease by which litigation and resulting bankruptcy may be used to silence the expression of opinion. Another example is that of the Law Society. A closed shop trade union for solicitors in England and Wales. While working class closed shops in Trade Unions were declared illegal under Thatcher, the closed shop for Middle Class lawyers survived and we see an example of the way in which it, like other powerful interest groups silences the expression of dissent likely to cause harm to the commercial self-interest of its members!
  9. **** me, I got a bill from the printers this morning, and I think David Cameron is a tit. I hadn't made the connection till now.
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  10. Government and government bodies cannot sue individuals for defamatory libel. What they can do however, is to encourage regulatory bodies to use existing discrimination law or private interest groups to sue thus achieving the same aim vicariously.
  11. Nick Griffin drove a Skoda??????
  12. "This your car sir?"

    "Yes, I,m Fuhrer of the Englandland Nazi,s"

    "Really Mr Fooey, well it,s nicked, mine hair, till you pay your debts, have a nice day sir"
  13. As Iolis has articulated, there is a serious side to the establishment utilising non governmental institutions that are closed shops or orgainsations that want to maintain the status quo against any dissent or opposing thought against it. We may joke about the likes of Griffin an the loons that are the EDL but it does not take a great leap of the imagination to see how the establisment stiffles true democracy or indeed allows actions which are not in the interest of the greater good but for their own advantage. The idiots will bray like donkeys but those with moral intelligence will step back and question why actions take place.
  14. The BNP are a bunch of Simians & glad that Nick the Prick has been exposed. An Ape in Gib has a higher IQ than the BNP or EDL.
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  15. Much as I loathe the BNP, I was perturbed by the way the Labour government handled them (with the tacit support of other parties and the establishment and media as a whole). Political debate about serious social problems and the future of the UK was stiffled to a degree and certain opinions demonised. There was a concerted dirty tricks campaign against the BNP that was orchestrated at the highest level. Two futile (and expensive) prosecutions of Griffin and his Unterfuhrer under race relations legislation, were a straightforward attempt to imprison a man who had taken Labour votes and given the establishment a scare.

    The BNP presented themselves as a legally constituted political party, operating within the confines of the law. They should have been treated as such, given an equal platform and forced to debate issues; exposing them as a bunch of cranks, crooks and fools in short order. Their party would either have rapidly evolved, or faded into obscurity.

    People may argue that neutralising the BNP was a good move and the end justifies the means, but I think we are more likely to experience right wing terrorism as a result. The extreme right have lost their voice and gained another grievance. Issues such as immigration haven't gone away and tension may increase if the EDL are mishandled.

    I know of a couple of instances where private citizens who attempted to rock the boat (over different issues) found themselves on the receiving end of various dirty tricks, and I'm sure there are many other cases. Labour were predatory and amoral towards anybody who threatened their powerbase or attempted to cause them political embarrasment. I doubt if other parties would behave any better if they had a similar grip on power.
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