Bailiff Enforcement Officers required - various UK locations - OTE £25k to £35k


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from my limited experience in this field from 10 years ago , What happens is that you are paid a wage whilst training. Then after a few months go on to self employed you get all the crap work and are lucky to last the full six months before you do the off. most people clear crap jobs but earn low target payments circa 15/18 k back in my day . Any people that have a gen skill for this wok tend to then get picked up on paye . It is usually for collecting unpaid fines from the courts and parking tickets . to get where a decent amount of dosh is paid go to be a certificated Bailiff. If you want to get paid for doing feck all become a county court bailiff if you can get past all the nepotism. As i say i am 10 years out of date so things might have changed .

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