Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by e_coy_boy, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. How da feck does rank in ACF turn u int a cnut ?:S:S !! some times power does go 2 there heads our CSM is a top geeza and hes only 16 he propa cushty he dnt act a complete prcik !! unlike some of the officers
  2. And in english? :x
  3. I guess you failed GCSE English then?
  4. No - he passed!
  5. Translation = I am a child who has just been shouted at. I will therefore have a brainfart and spew meaningless txtspk all over the Internet to vent my frustration at being a complete and utter numpty.

    See simple really.

  6. BOV'AD
  7. Bless me......I feel like an old f@rt when I see that gibberish. What in the name of sanity is the child trying to say?

    Steven seems to have the pillock bang to rights with his translation IMHO :D

  8. And for those of us whose 2nd Language isnt Neanderthal?

    I think hes referring to one of my posts, RE: Rank in the ACF and joining the army, where I said that it can turn people into cnuts and get them rifted at depot. What I meant was that its very difficult to adjust from being a big fish to a little fish.

    e_coy_boy seems like cnut anyway, and a lying one at that, as he still hasn't answered my question about how he hasn't passed APC 1* and is a Lance Corporal. If you were in my detachment with your attitude you might make toilet cleaner at the best.

    My apologies to the regs for turning this into a cadet rant.
  9. Shoudn't there be a playground forum for this?
  10. MODS.....please move this to the ACF forum, makes it easier for the regs on the site to not have to sift through this sh!t.
  11. I'd like to sift through his shit

    Oh that came out wrong !!! 8O
  12. Disgusting Individual!!!!

    Want to skiff him as well?

    I can almost picture you now................."mmmm.....Burberry Skiff"