Bahraini Army Training

I am in Bahrain for a month atm and since I live next to a major barracks I often come accross the Bahraini army doing their morning phys.

My god. Half of them must be clinically obese half walking half stumbling along at what must be something like 16-18 minute/mile pace, dressed in multi coloured tracksuits. A few of them lead the pack at a semi decent pace but still nowhere near what you would expect... I think this compound is an Infantry HQ! No kind of order, they form a sparse crocodile some 1.5 miles long with no obvious PTI or DI. I dont know if this is a remedial troop or what but its pretty funny.

I need to video this shi-t for you guys. It's incredible.

I was at uni with a bahrainian officer. Short podgy and pissed constantly. I thought he was a walt until I met two others. aparently they hand out commissions with the same frequency that they hand out lashes.
Yeah, that could actually be against their official secrets act (whisper if you're saying something that's secret ;) ) and also you could be a spy etc etc
Engineers: No those kids look way faster lol.

GisABrew said:
I know it's funny mate. But dont be tempted to video them. If they see you, you'll get locked up alot quicker than they can run!!!!!
Maybe.. I dunno, they run on public land so shouldnt be a prob. I wont though, just asking for hassle.


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