Bah Humbug

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Father Famine, Mrs Famine and the little Famines.

As a Catering Type I am already pissed off with Turkey, so will be investing in some nice Lamb for Chrimbo Lunch.

Do you all follow the crowd and have a Turkey or would you rather have a good Goose? "F'nar f'narr"

As an aside this has to be the weirdest Christmas Gif I've seen, a very disturbing Rudolph

Duck was one of my fav's, but my mother has varied her's through the years - Goose, Salmon etc. Kangaroo is very nice if you're a beef man or woman!
We're on Lobster this year - at the in laws (so am pleased on so many levels!)
Nice fresh chunky chicken from the local butcher for the Balcony household.

Never understood all this panic some people seem to have about getting hold of turkey.

As long as there's meat, gravy and a fridge full of a variety of different alcoholic beverages I'm happy.
Gotta have a bottle of port to hand as well!


:santa: :santa: :santa:

We always have turkey with all the extras but some years we have things like goose, or duck alongside - that way there's a wee bit of variation if you want it. Our dinner is usually massive and resembles a medieval feast on the table. I actually eat very little of the christmas dinner myself restricting it to a few roast spuds, some stuffing and a slice of turkey all drenched in gravy - I like to keep room to stuff my face with chocolates!

However I think I'll be eating more dinner this year as I'm banned on docs orders from eating all the chocolately and ice creamy goodness! :(

Booze is still ok though, I'll compensate with that as well :) One day of the year you can crack open a tin of cider at 9am and your mother won't have a go!
Duck, stuffed with black pudding and prunes soaked in port.....Essence!
Growing up in our house my Mum used to put turkey on the table every year but along side it was roast pork and a boiled ham.

Had a bit of all three which included a turkey leg as I prefer brown meat to white.

I miss my Mothers Christmas Dinners.......


Edited to add:

Just realised that like the poster above I have put this in the wrong thread!
Just the two of us now,Duck with home made stuffing,with all the trimmings.

Home made Christmas Pudding,with Mince pies with home made mincemeat and coffee,then out with the dog,niiiiice. :)
The wife and I will be enjoying a can of Spam and washing it down with a hot toddy of Sterno..thanks to the financial advice of Bernie Madoff.

Bah! Humbug, indeed.
We're going for goose again this year with a chunk of ham for making soup to carve up on the side.
Ham in Coca-cola for us again this year as it was such a hit last year.

Kirkz will no doubt be along in a minute to tell you which exotic species he is eating this year...


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Bah humbug indeed, due to having to be in the office all day on 25th, from 08.00 to 20.00, looks like M&S might be getting a visit to see if they do a microwave roast for one, no alcohol until after work and that's only if the hotel bar is open (or I buy some to keep n the room)


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Prawns. Lots and lots of prawns.
Three years ago we had our Christmas prawns delivered to us on the day itself having only been landed that morniing, still clacking away in the crate!
Story was that the weather had been bad for a few days so boat hadn't been out and in the pub the deckhand's wife had said to skipper, "You won't be going out on Christmas Eve" so to spite her he took the boat out. As the creels had been soaking for an extra couple of days they got a monster haul.
Gastro pub for me and Mrs Seagull with her folks. Last year we did it round ours and spent two days clearing up.

My parents are off to sunnier places at crimbo so we thought balls to it. We're letting someone else do the cooking.


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It's nice having a local butcher. Walk in, "I'd like to order some meat for Christmas" " same as last year do you?" "thanks I'll pick it up nearer the time"
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