Bah! Humbug! Ebenezer syndrome?

Have to get this off my chest!
Come on! I can’t be the only person in here who find this whole bl**dy palaver a complete horror? The tat/bling, awful trashy Christmas musak (Slade, Wizzard, Cliff Bl**dt Richard etc) in every shop & repeated even in the boozer. Everybody at work slavishly giving everyone else cards even though most wouldn't be seen dead at any sort of function with them. I had to spend 1 hour yesterday putting me name to the obligatory “Charity cards” to our customers, most of whom I have never met and bet that, even if I did, the last thing I should wish them would be “Good tidings of great joy” Why can’t we have good tidings and good will to all men every day, or at least every solstice? Bring back Saturnalia ( the Romans had the right idea)
God Bless Tiny Tim
& Seasons greetings to one and all from
Ebenezer Growler
Quite right Growler. Sadly, most of us are too scared of the conventionalists to do - or not do- anything. So we pretend to celebrate Christmas while begrudging every penny we spend on presents for people we spend time avoiding and secretly hating the falseness of it all....WE ARE SHEEP.


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You are over 25 and a Grumpy Old Man -

welcome brother ! 8)

(that Feckin' Noddy Holder has a LOT to answer for......and if I ever get that Strine mong Jonah Louie in range he's FOR IT !....just don't GET ME STARTED.....)
I hate the commercial side of things, feeling that you have to send a card or gift to soemone you couldnt even be arrsed to speak to all year (thats why i dont do it even though my missus gives me grief) i love the fact that my kids who are still quite young are getting all exited and still believe in Santa which isnt easy to keep covered up to a 7 and 8 year old these days, i will enjoy the pleasure they will get from Christmas and eating and drinking until i burst but thats about it..
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