Baghdad starts to collapse

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by crabby, Jul 13, 2006.

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  1. The Times

    I thought it was a well written piece, it seems researched and also gives the "personal" viewpoint. Are things really that bad? Noticed at the end something like 889,000 iraqi refugees!
  2. Sounds like an exciting place if you work in the private sector.
  3. read it and its very disturbing, im feel for the ordinary Iraqis, this is one big fcuk up ever and we will probably either will be withdrawing under a cloud or sticking it out for another 10 years or so.

    not very good prospect with the army understaffed and recruitment going down, what sthe solution ? i don't know myself and im glad i dont have to make the decisions.
  4. Poor B*stards. Shafted by the Ba'ath and now this mess. Not all US/UK fault but we should have been ready for after the war. I hope CENTCOM are planning Iran better.
  5. Iraq was a mess now its a disaster area.
    Win a war and you get to take place in the victory parade half win one and you get to sort out your sh1t.
    Perhaps, maybe.
    Georgei Boy and Tone will both be long gone before their war is sorted out and I do think incoming governemnts will have more pressing priorities then The Place up the asshole of the World.

  6. Doesnt matter to Bliar he's got people writing up history about him being the greatist man on earth, In 50 years kids at school
    will not be writing history projects about our nations heros, They be learning of comrade Bliar :eek: :eek:

    Come to think of it, If New Labour get their way History wont be taught in school :( :(
  7. In 50 years time this will be what UK will be like if the current trends continue.
  8. Dear Mr Blair,

    Schools in the UK are failing, however clever the figures are massaged, and thresholds for exam passes are lowered - you only have to look at the levels of adult literacy and numeracy skills. I have devised a quick session of learning to see how you are able to cope in the modern world.
    Exercise 1.
    Compare and contrast the following two exercepts from recent media bulletins/news reports:

    Exercise 2.
    Considering each of the articles in full, discuss the merits of each with particular reference to:
    a) the accuracy and 'truth' contained within,
    b) the ability of 'news' to 'inform' the general public,
    c) the morals of 'institutional' reporting.
    Exercise 3.
    Write a 5,000 word essay on the impact of UK foreign policy on the people of Iraq.
    NB. For the purposes of this exercise, imagine you are not a UK politician who seeks high approval ratings from the UK electorate and that Alistair Cambell is not available to assist.
    This is to be all your OWN work: no assistance from 'special' advisors, civil servants or personal assistants, or plagurisation of others work.
  9. Excuse my ignorance. Can anyone explain why the animosity between Sunni and Shi'ite muslims exists on this scale? Serious question, i'm not well up on history or world affairs.
  10. Typical US response 'IT'S AL QUEDA!' (an organisational name they invented themselves) to a country plummeting into civil war due to their lack of control, screams of burying their head in the sand.
  11. See Northern Ireland/Former Yugoslavia for details. Same sort of deal. One group was on top for many years (Sunni Arabs in Iraq's case) and the other group resents that.
  12. Wilfred Thesiger will explain it for you:

    The Marsh Arabs

    Saddam has of course drained the marshes.
  13. Cheers chaps, bone question I realise.
  14. Thank you crabby,

    I suppose one aspect of the meltdown will be that those among the refugee exodus will be people who are professionally qualified and others who have either the wealth or marketable skills - the very people needed to rebuild the country - leaving a vacuum to be filled by expensively paid foreign workers exacerbating an already clearly held sense of grievance among those who feel their country has been invaded by foreigners!

    What an appalling situation for ordinary innocent civilians trying to get on with their lives and just survive another day.

    My heart goes out to them.

    Regards and best wishes