Baghdad Media - Up Close and Personal


It seems that the media are complaining that the war is getting too personal:

Whilst I would like to express my condolences to the family of anyone killed or injured in the crossfire of war, I have to take issue with Reuters' Editor-in-Chief Geert Linnebank.

...the incident nonetheless raises questions about the judgment of the advancing U.S. troops who have known all along that this hotel is the main base for almost all foreign journalists in Baghdad.

"Taras's death, and the injuries sustained by the others, were so unnecessary, " Linnebank said.

It seems that the US tanky was shot at from the hotel and decided to return fire.

Presumably as Editor-In-Chief, Mr Linnebank made the decision to deploy his team to Baghdad and as part of that process we have to wonder whether he ever considered the possibility that Saddam's minions might try to use his journalists as cover in the battle for Baghdad.  ???

The man's a moron
There seems to be various differing views in the Media on this one.

Obviously the majority of journalists are furious, quite rightly so, but I just heard a report from a BBC world service correspondant also in the Palestine Hotel, who claimed that in his mind the US tank couldn't have been responsible for the impact for the Reuters office (quoted as one of the only rooms in the building that could not see the American tanks) as the tank was positioned on the other side of the building (the river-side) and therefore had no LOS to the City-side office.

This would tend to tie-in with the claim that they were returning fire on the hotel Lobby and add to the possibility of another 'incident' causing the casulaties on the 15th floor!?!

Anyone else heard anything on this? Or happen to have a blueprint of the hotel!?!


What ever side of the building they were on they put themselves in danger, it stands to reason that if you come under sniper fire and you see a glint (sun on camera lense or sniper scope) from a balcony you fcuking shoot at it, clearly the journo's believed that footage was more important than there own safety. Just another waste.  :-/

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