Baghdad bomb targets US occupation convoy


A powerful bomb has exploded in Baghdad's northern neighbourhood of Waziriya, destroying four US military vehicles.

No occupation forces spokesman was prepared to comment on casualties after the Monday morning attack, but as many as 12 marines may be dead.

An Iraqi policeman, who refused to give his name, said he saw "three US soldiers wounded or killed in each vehicle".

Heavy black smoke could be seen rising above a chemical storehouse that appears to have been booby-trapped.

One witness, Imad Hashim, said the bomb went off "when they [US marines] tried to force their way in, there was a huge ball of fire and I was thrown to the ground".

Hashim said he was about 100 metres away from the blast.

Four Humvees were seen burning as US forces closed off the area, residents said they also saw rocket propelled grenades being fired into the Humvees as they passed by.
Either these "Foreign Insurgents" are way switched on, or the Iraqi Army is still fighting. Possibly a combination of the two?

Whatever the resistance composition , one thing seems sure. They are getting better at this, and the tempo is increasing.

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