Baghdad bob may be dead

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4Para, Apr 16, 2003.

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    Please say it isn't so!!!

    "There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!"

    "My feelings - as usual - we will slaughter them all"

    "Our initial assessment is that they will all die"

    "I blame Al-Jazeera - they are marketing for the Americans!"

    "God will roast their stomachs in heck at the hands of Iraqis."

    "They're coming to surrender or be burned in their tanks."

    "No I am not scared, and neither should you be!"

    "Be assured. Baghdad is safe, protected"

    "Who are in control, they are not in control of anything - they don't even control themselves!"

    "We are not afraid of the Americans. Allah has condemned them. They are stupid. They are stupid" (dramatic pause) "and they are condemned."

    Some of Baghdad Bob's Greatest Hits!

    My favorite is "Our initial assessment is that they will all die"
  2. if true i am gutted :'(
  3. Anybody fancy starting a 'tribute band'?...well, solo act at least.   We could have annual meetings at places like Scarborough perhaps, just like the 'Elvis' impersonators!.  Just think of the marketing prospects!   Or, we could have 'spot the Iraqi Information minister' contest here on ARRSE.  Digital photos submitted and the CO's can judge who got the closest lookalike!

    I sorta had a good feeling about that lad!

    A kind of 'Where's Wally' type affair for Arrse? I have some...little experience in digital image manipulation and would juggle one up... ;D
  5. Start that thread Shotgun!  It'll be a laugh!
  6. I'll get to work finding a few graphics tonight mate, and I'll make a grid, or something, on it for people to try and find him.... ;D

    Maybe you can organise a prize..... We can call it spot the baghdad bob competition ;D
  7. I do alot of work in image manipulation actually. I can help. Find me an image of alot of people packed into one place and I can do the rest :)
  8. Is this Bob talking or you mate? ;D
  9. Your image manipulation software is safe. No one will be using any images or software of such nature to mock the name of Baghdad Bob.
  10. Maybe you can use this one?

    The original, is a DPS in the current Soldier

    Always tickled when I looked at it, when I thought what BB would say

    "Anglistan Infidels captured and wepaons paraded" or
    "advance stopped by Farmer"

  11. one thing for sure comical ali unwittedly brought us the wars lighter moments  ;) he will go down in history for the wrong reasons ! lololol   ;D
  12. on a important note , did comical ali ever commit any atrocities or murders? or was he just a mouthpeice for saddam with no blood on his hands ......... i hope its the latter
  13. I know that he ISN'T on that poncy set of "playing cards" that the spams have dished out with the names and faces of all of the top people that they are after.

    That at least means that he isn't in the top 54 (yes I know, it's 52, but they had 2 jokers in there as well)
  14. Don't worry folks, he has signed a lucrative 6 month contract with Syria and will soon be doing nightly shows Live from the Dunes Casino in Damascus. Supporting acts will be Celine Dion and Jarrow Elvis.
  15. Sorry to say that Channel 9 News in Australia were this morning (Easter Friday) confirming that BB had commited sideways  :'(