Baghdad- Americas last stand?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Devil_Dog, Sep 16, 2006.

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  1. It has been suggested by a couple of my friends that if the current Battle for Baghdad fails then Iraq would have for all intents and purposes been lost.

    I fear they might be right.All the recent reinforcemnets from Anbar dont seem to have put a dent into the sectarian massacres taking place even as we speak.There is talk of moving more troops from one active battle front into another.So, is this Iraq's Tet's Offensive?The proverbial straw that breaks the proverbial back?

    Your opinions please.
  2. I hope not. If the US Army PAO would stop disrupting the flow of information, we'd know. It seems the whole city is in lockdown, and US Army commanders are being ordered to stay quiet.

    It would be a damn shame. After all the work done in areas like Mosul and Fallujah, it would be a tragedy if it fails now. This is where it rests now. Mistakes made by the CPA and political leaders have added to the difficulty. I hope the Coalition's military leaders can turn this around.
  3. They're digging a trench round Baghdad for feck's sake.
  4. Bah humbug!

    Let's take a 'reality' pill here... Operation Lions Gate (the outer security ring around Baghdad) is based upon the vast array of waterways and only a 4KM stretch will be covered by a tank ditch. The aim is to have a better control on the flow of vehicles into the city by refurbishing or in some cases constructing control points on the major arterial roads and blocking the minor routes.

  5. In a city of 5 million? Give me break.They put a steel ring around Falluja in 2004 but it didnt stop most of the bad dudes from walking right out.And Fallujah was severely depopulated at that time anyway.

    Bang!dad is lost and with it the war.The coalition needs to accept the fact that it is now largely irrellevant and no amount of posturing will save the city from itself.
  6. . . then they'd be able to reinforce the REAL main effort in Afghanistan.

    . . . nah - it's no good - need a slack handful of them reality pills.

    Our Tone and his boss Dubya are determined to go on feckin' this up, whilst spinning at 5000rpm regardless of the facts on the ground.
  7. In which case can I go home now...?