Baghdad airport closed ... by British firm.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by KGB_resident, Sep 9, 2005.

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    I don't understand why Iraqi soldiers were not used untll this day.
  2. Maybe its because some are slightly ermm 'unreliable' at best.

    The best of the bunch appear to be in the south of the country.
  3. You don't understand because you are a cretin.
  4. Iraq will discover that not paying their security contractor's is not in their long term best interest. :wink:
  5. Most Iraqi workers, soldiers and contractors work well....... but only under close supervision. At the moment that supervision is from foreign contractors or coalition forces. It'll be a while before you can have Iraqi supervisors that they themselves don't need supervising. Until then, they will have to pay the security contractors who supervise the local security services.
  6. Dear Armourer!

    In Russian expression 'I don't understand' has two meanings (I suppose that in English situation is similar):

    1) Really I don't understand.

    2) Really I understand it pretty well and in fact don't believe explanations.

    So my phrase really means:

    I don't believe that Iraqi soldiers could be used to secure the airport.

    When you hear in the parliament 'I don't understand' then it means 'you are liar, I don't believe you'.

    Btw your phrase can be converted in parliamentary form too:

    'I don't understand why this task is so hard for you. It is so easy one'.
  7. I like your style Sergey!,2763,1566844,00.html

    Iraqi troops were ordered to reopen Baghdad airport yesterday after a British security company halted commercial flights in a pay dispute, cutting one of the country's few outside links.

    (except other reports say the Iraqi's ran into an american roadblock and withdrew)

    Iraqi Govet bringing contractors under control, licensing individual weapons, and putting them under Iraqi law.

  8. If my experience is anything to go by.....

    The Iraqis probably went up to the American checkpoint. The first yank stopped them, checked their credentials and waved them through. The second Yank (who is the Commander) is smoking a fag (the American type of FAG) round the back of the Bradley and doesn't see this wave through. He then orders the Bradley Gunner to open fire. Said Gunner then brasses up anything in his arc of fire (360 degrees) with his .50Cal......... Job Done.

    No wonder the Iraqis turned around... I would. I'd rather trust an Iraqi Insurgent than some of those American checkpoints.

  9. Nice way to treat other ARRSE Members Armourer, I think the 'cretin' should have referred to yourself!
  10. Absolutely disagree. Our friend Armourer is a nice guy. Does he really think that your obeyed servant is a cretin. I doubt. In this context, his 'you are a cretin' means 'I don't like you pretend to be a fool'.
  11. Hmm, whatever that means I'll agree 100%...