Bagging out of Watch

Heres a few ultimate tips for Bagging out of Watch and getting away with it:-

Trooper Diggler
Explain to your mrs that you have been selected for the new Special Forces Unit and you must attend a series of weekend selection tests.
Inform her that you cannot give too many details other than you cannot be contacted from Friday till Sunday and that you will be returning home on the Sunday evening totally knackered and looking like a scrawny tomcat.
With this one you will be free to go off shagging most weekends, to add realism use the town of Hereford for your Jolly Boys outings, I fully recommend the "Crystal Rooms" nightclub.
Top Tip
Drop the act as soon as you enter the town, too many walts in hereford as it is.

Troll through the Navy News Penpals for anything that describes themselves as bubbly (gagging for it) or GSOH (glam slapper oral or hooptricks).
Correspond to a few of these whilst studying thier locations with a map. If you are lucky you will be able to plan a route the length of the UK from Bristol to Glasgow, thus cutting down on travelling time and increasing the amount of shagging you are doing.
Inform each mudhopper you meet that you are on short term special forces leave and that you have no mobile phone or contact address as you will be rejoining your unit shortly once the insertion plans have been finallised, also use a false name such as Seaman Stains etc for this one.

Just a few tips, but tried and tested over a number of years by yours truly with reasonable success.

Top Tip
Make sure that any females you do end up with know Sweet FA about the armed forces, not to good if you end up shagging some slapper who's dad is a rupert or grunter in the personell section at Insworth, Gosport or Catterick!!! :?
this is shit and its gone!

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