Bagged Your Limit??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rocketeer, Apr 18, 2005.

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  1. So?

    How's the Great Squirrel Hunt Going in Blighty?

    reading about Rod Brammer and his trusty Winchester 12 Bore out to eradicate the ' alien invaders' from the UK...He wants to kill the entire grey squirrel population [ 2 and half million bushy tailed rats ] within 12 years...

    Seems the fuzzy animal brigades who stopped the fox hunt can't stop this hunt [ hey, maybe the horsey set can don the reds and loose the hounds on a new quarry! ]

    Also on his list are magpies...

    Up for grabs is a $ 1200 bounty for the person who brings in the most ' tails ' [ which , no doubt, will be sold for a handsome profit to the Chicanos in Los Angeles for their whip antennas on the low riders ] So far in the lead is a gamekeeper from Bedford with 466 ' kills '..

    and don't even think of ' catch and release ' with export to the Great White North where gerys are a ' protected species ' under the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act [ seems here the buggers are good for the environment as they eat up our garbage and provide ' sustenance' for predator species ].

    Will this be an election issue?.. Seems Tony the Bliar won't let hunters to take on the squirrel and magpie populations in ' urban environments ' [so no blasting the sh!t out of the fuzzy/feathered ones in city parks and rooftops - collateral damage worries, I suppose - might take out Fluffy or Mrs. Pimms in the privy by accident ]..

    Anyway Brammer says 12 years should wipe out the grey squirrels leaving Britain free to have its own domestic version regain its traditional territories ..He also wants to knock off 60,000 birdies by July to screw up the breeding population..

    So?.. who's up for some spec ops in the local garden?
  2. Oh my God, birdies .... breeding. No one asked me.
  3. On a serious note I was attacked by a magpie many years ago and the fukcer drew blood. I was certainly in a mood for a little culling.
  4. Mr. Brammer has unfortunately taken a lot of stick for this, especially locally; it is felt that he is undermining the PR campaign being conducted to save shooting. Many people that shoot supported hunting, not necessarily because they supported hunting but because it provided a buffer zone between the shooting industry, and the ban everything brigade.

    Having met Rod Brammer on several occasions and seen him shoot I can safely say that the area around Shillingford is really not the best place to be for squirrels or magpies.

    The big mystery about this is that the RSPCA decreed that hunting was cruel and therefore it was more humane to shot foxes (virtually all deer taken by stag hunts are dispatched by being shot), yet the RSPCA is now stating that it is cruel to shoot magpies and squirrels.

    They can't have it both ways. T wats.
  5. Oh yes they will! That would be the same RSPCA who swore they could rehome 25000 hounds but had to admit last week they couldn't find places for a paltry eleven!

    I have shot all of the squirrels in my garden and now I am putting out "dumb" bird-feeders in a bid to entice more of the evil little bastards back for Round 2. "Squirrel Wish 2 - this time it's personal, neep-neep!"
  6. Got three of the little b*ggers last weekend, that'll teach 'em, though funnily enough they keep coming back? must be sadist/sucidal squirrels.
  7. Perhaps the solution to the squirrel problem is that proposed by Felix at

    Last weekend the good members of the organisation that were able to, travelled to London and conducted a 'Squirrel Drag Hunt' around Connaught Square. This hunt began and ended on the doorstep of Mr. Blair's snazzy £3.25 million home.

    Lets hope all this silliness ends soon, ideally when the Queen declares the entire Labour government traitors and has them hung, drawn and quartered, along with Anette Crosbie and Peter Mandelson.

    Failing that perhaps Rod could put a £500 bounty on whoever can bag the most cabinet members.
  8. Was it attracted by your shiny facial piercings Birdy? :wink: