bag -Pipe practice Chanter.

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Lairdx, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. A Practice Chanter. In Rosewood with beautiful polished finish, imitation ivory (plastic) mouth piece and nickle mounts.

    fifteen pounds.

    Buyer collects or pays shipping.
  2. I'll give you a whole poond if you'll burn it.
  3. Is it house trained?

  4. Give me a poond or I'll come and play the full set outside yer hoose.
  5. yes but I'm not. :twisted:
  6. Two poonds to burn them too !.

    c/o Noise Abatement Society
    44 Grand Parade

    PS - I'm only around between midnight and 3am, and a touch deaf so you must really play loud. Oh, and don't ever finish a tune, just get so far then start picking the creature's nose (or arrse). Hope it's a good tune though, one of the new ones such as "Lairdx'x farewell to his chanter".

    No - really, I love the pipes hahaha
  7. Lament for Mrs Lairdx's patience
  8. But ah'm only playing to droon oot the noise o' the bairn !.
  9. This is still for sale. Buy it. It's good.
  10. What on Earth is a chanter. Please don't savage me too much
  11. mrslairdx's knickers???????
  12. Its a bag pipe without a bag - just the chanter with the blowpipe and reed so that a beginner can practice the notes.

    i am throwing in a book about how to play with this. Anybody who wants to get started but doesn't want to shell out alot of money for pipes this is ideal.

    My old pipes are also for sale.
  13. Hold on to it for me, will you? Duck Junior [8yo] wants to learn the pipes. There's an old gadgie a few doors bye whos willing to teach him. Think he used to be a Pipe Major in the Queens Own. I'll need to speak to him and Mrs Duck first.

    How much to send it up Inverness/Dingwall sort of way?
  14. OK. The chanter has now gone. Seeing as how Duckypoos bairn wants it he can have it for free. PM the address.
  15. i wish someone would teach me how to play properly - I am truly dreadful.