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I have. But I'm not going to tell. Suffer, like everyone else.
Don't go and have interesting stories about what you did in your free time in civvie street
Benj1981 said:
Anyone got any interesting stories from their time at Sandbags.

Just wondering what is in store for me!
No, but I've got one or two of me and your mum. Not telling you though because then you'd guess I was your dad; least I would have been if the dog hadn't beat me up the stairs.
DoorBundle said:
Benj1981 said:
Anyone got any interesting stories from their time at Sandbags.

Just wondering what is in store for me!
No, but I've got one or two of me and your mum. Not telling you though because then you'd guess I was your dad; least I would have been if the dog hadn't beat me up the stairs.
:lol: :lol: :lol: excellent :lol: :lol: :lol:
Take a sense of humour very invaluable if you can't laugh most of the stuff off you'll have a real depressing year.


Start strenghtening those wrists. Can't fall behind on those shining parades each evening!
In my platoon there was one poor chap who passed RCB 2 weeks before reporting and received the joining instructions on the morning of the day on which we had to report by 1400 hrs. He lived close by so dashed into town with the kit list to get what he could. He had no previous exposure to the military and had the following problems:
Nobody understood what a bungee was.
For "model kit" he bought an airfix model thinking it was to keep him entertained in the evenings.
Fablon he could find but the list did not say what it was for. He bought red and yellow just to be sure.
Not his fault but bloody funny all the same.
Presumably you're doing the regular course - if you're either a STAB or doing the PQO's 'effort' then your best bet is probably to hide under your bed for a week or two - no-one will notice and they'll no doubt commission you anyway.

I'd throw my weight behind what G_S said. Most of what will happen to you, unfair though it will inevitably seem at the time, is actually very funny when you think about it. Don't take things to heart; the best favour you can do yourself is to take a bollocking on the chin. I guarantee, 100%, cast iron, cross my heart, that you will never 'beat the rap' and talk your way out of anything, so don't even bother trying. The respect goes to the OCdt who says 'fair one, sorry' and cracks on.
Don't jack on your mates. The camaraderie you will develop over the course of the year will last a lifetime; I know if I met any one of 20 odd blokes from my pl in the street, I would drop everything and go for a pint or ten. You will be doing some pretty shit tasks a lot of the time; if your oppos think you're a tosser then they will be ten times harder.
Don't take advantage of the team work thing - the point is you get out what you put in. We had one twat in the first 5 weeks who fell so far behind with his admin that he put a list on his door of tasks which needed to be done - did anyone help him? Did they ****, he was a jack bastard who looked after himself. Someone else, on the other hand, was found passed out on the floor of his room having torn the place apart while pissed, with vomit all over the bed, a neatly coiled turd in the sink of all places, and with the CSgt due to make a visit early AM. However, said piss artist was a gleaming bloke who really went the extra mile for his muckers, and as a result 4 AM found five or six guys straightening the place up while he slept it off in someone else's bed.
You will have some lows, and some incredible highs. Just enjoy as much as you can. You will be taught by the best staffies/CSgt's in the army (same doesn't apply to your Pl Comd - mine was a useless American biff for the last two terms) Most of the time you will have responsibility for yourself and your kit only, take advantage, as this will soon end...
I was most displeased to hear that the bushes on the Islands of Fornication and Masturbation have been chopped down! When did this happen?
Oh, and can anyone here confirm the reason they did this? I was told it was because they had to dredge the lake looking for a stolen rifle. One O/Cdt was told to look after weapons after training, a Corporal comes and tells him to do something else, O/Cdt comes back and finds rifle missing. Apparently.
What to expect....... PTI shouting

"Pain is weakness draining form your body"

Anyone remember Mad Jack?
When I was there bullying was endemic. Cadets frequently had the shit beaten out of them by the staff. I nearly broke my hand belting one of the little bastards.
For the right to kill you must suffer.
You will suffer.

Naaaaaah. Just shittin. It'll be one of the best years of your life, providing you remember what you're there for. Unless you're a ******.

Drop any poncy chippy OTC/TA know it all ideas you may have picked up from your buddies in 72 (V) PARA Cdo (West Drayton's Own) Air Assault Chef Bn (TA). Your CSgts and NCOs will be outstanding. Your Pl/Coy Comds will probably be outstanding. But if they're not, they'll be one of the biggest choppers you'll ever meet, and an excellent anti-role model.

Make sure you're fit before you turn up. Forget weights. Stick to the 'core 4' - pressups, situps, pullups and dips, and running differing distances between 3 miles quickly to 8 miles steady state (8 min mile) with at least a day in between each lower limb event. Run good shoes. DO NOT RUN IN BOOTS OR WITH WEIGHT YET. There's plenty of time to destroy yourself once you're in. And warm up and cool down properly.

Noone will expect you to do anything other than what you're told to the maximum of your ability for the first 5 weeks. Then you're expected to engage brain and by the end you're meant to be planning ahead and a problem-solver (which is what officers effectively do - then use the leadership bit to get everyone to do it). So if you're fit to begin with you've got breathing space.

Pay very close attention to the Choice of Arm procedure. Most important decision you'll make in your life, after the chick you wed.

Now get out of my sight, cadet scum. Talk to me when you've passed out!
Benj1981 - I remember now - Devonshire & Shropshires wozn't it? Sorted out your Regt yet?

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