Hi, im currently a student and i've been very interested in an Army career for a few years now. This year i joined the TA as i was unable to join the otc due to the fact that im in my final year of study. My time with the TA has made me relise that i definately want to persue a career in the Army as an officer.

I can think of a few reasons to explain why i want to be an officer. These are:

1. When i graduate i'll have a degree so i might as well go for it over being a soldier
2. It has greater responsibility (and so greater job satisfaction?)
3. Better pay
4. Chance of furthering my education and therefore better job after the
5. The idea of RMAS appeals to me as does the challenges it presents

The problem is that i am unsure as to weather anyone interviewing me would view theses as valid reasons.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.
Spelling and grammer helps, Im crap at it but then Im not an officer
hehe, just having a larf mate, welcome to ARRSE
Your reasons for wanting to join are all in the first person singular.

Whilst the challenge and wanting to do your bit are all good reasons, I would think hard about what you can offer the Army and more importantly the soldiers you will command.

I realise some elements out there have lost the 'Serve to Lead' ethos as defined by Sandhurst; but those of us at the sharp end look for officers who take a personal interest in their soldiers and lead by example.

I am not suggesting that you make answers up that sound good (you will be found out anyway at Sandhurst if not RCB). So think hard about what you are, what you can offer, and what you are willing to learn. Apply some of that (nearly) graduate brainpower and come up with some well thought out reasons for wanting to be an Army Officer.
Those reasons are probably good enough to make whoever is interviewing you think, "Hmm...yeah. He wants the responsibility, challenges, etc."
Probably wouldn't mention, "Oh, I've got a degree, therefore don't want to be a soldier." Not a good attitude.
Remember that you'll also have to be interviwed to join a Regiment or Corps, and you'll need a whole new set of reasons for joining said Regiment or Corps. Read up on tradition, history, etc. and give reasons why you want to join them and not just why you want to be an officer.
Anyway, welcome!
P.s. Have got into a little trouble before about giving advice, because I'm not actually in the Army per se. I'm just OTC at the moment. So, take my advice with a pinch of salt, and get a regular to agree with it first (or not, as the case may be!). :)
Thanks guys, that's the sort of advice i was looking for!

In the near future, i'll be going on familiarisation visits to both the Signals and Artillery. My TA unit is Signals so i know quite a bit about it. I'll have to research the artillery side of things. :D
So..thinking of joining the Scalies?

You could do far worse. Though it is not necessary, are you doing a technical degree? I am interrested because you can bring so much more to the party if you are. I believe that it helps you understand the responsibility of the guys more if you can at least understand what it is that they are doing. Whilst a degree in history might be very nice, a comms related subject would be much more beneficial.. In the Italian Officer Corps, they must all have relevant degrees...definately the way forwards methinks.

Undertaker, im studying Computer Science. Quite a bit about communications and also next semester theres' a module on computer security. That'll involve coding and encryption.
You would be better off with a degree in cost accountancy - you'd be a General by the age of 30!

Suggest you also read up on the Diversity stuff - topical and the sort of thing most "Managers" ( or Officers if you are old fashioned) like to hear. Don't worry if it seems contradictory or illogical in places - just learn it parrot fashion.

Also a bit of Management jargon would be useful ( get a DVD of "The Office").
Do you think its necessary for me to learn how to do the dance? :D

Done quite a bit about management.

As you mentioned it, there was a module entitled "Engineering management". Had things about law and Accountancy :D

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